How to Engage your Fans on Facebook

First, consider when you post. Are your fans most likely to be online and checking Facebook during work hours, or will they wait until they get home in the evenings or on the weekends? Ideally, you want to be at the top of their news feed when they log in, so give that some thought.

Next, how often do you post? For a small business, every other day may work well. If you already have a large dedicated following, posting every day or even more than once a day may be acceptable. Keep in mind that you want to engage, enlighten or entertain, not be a nuisance! It is easy for people, even those who remain fans to hide your posts if they feel you are showing up too frequently on their feed.Facebook Engagement Stats

Now, how to get people to comment or “like” your updates?

  • Show your personality. Let your fans see the real you by showing some emotion, but try to keep it positive.
  • Use your blog.  Use Networked Blogs to show all your blog updates as Facebook status updates. This also creates more visitors to your blog.
  • Create your own video with your webcam, recording directly from Facebook and just share a greeting, a thought for the day, or a “thank you” to a fan, customer or employee.
  • Find a video on YouTube and share it as a status update with a comment or two.
  • Try ending your status updates with a question, or just make your entire status update a question.  For example, “What did you do for fun this weekend?”.  Then go back to the page as yourself and start the discussion by sharing what you did!
  • Try a poll. Facebook makes it easy to use polls.  As about something slightly controversial and make sure you vote!
  • Encourage fans to post their photos, videos or thoughts.  For example, you could post and update like this, “What’s your favorite photo of your grandparents?  Is it old or new?  Post it here to give us all a smile!” Then, post your own!  Sometimes people need a little encouragement to get started.
  • Run a contest that asks people to tell their story or share their opinion on your wall.  For example, “Finish this sentence, ‘The one thing she wished she had asked her grandmother was….'”

It is extremely important to reply when someone posts a comment on one of your updates.  Your fans want to know that you are there and that you care about what they have to say.  If you are an administrator of the page, you will receive an Email notification when someone posts to your page if your settings are configured for that (Edit page>Settings and check the box next to “Email Notifications”).  Don’t let those comments sit out there unanswered!

What has worked for you?

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