Social Crush One-on-One, or One Thing I Learned about Social Media Today

Scalable Social Media Crushing it with Tim Moore of Social Crush

Scalable Social Media Crushing it with Tim Moore of Social Crush

“Wishes are not goals.”  Yup, that’s a gem I picked up today from Tim Moore of Social Crush.  Seems obvious, maybe, yet when you’re talking Social Media goals, oftentimes you realize that what you (or your client) has a wishes and hopes not goals and strategy.

What CAN you expect from your social media efforts? It depends!!  Before you tell me that’s a cop out, let’s look at it this way: What do you expect from your business telephone?  Is it as simple as plugging it in?  Nope!  What you get out of it really depends upon what you put in to it.  Social media is no different.

The Four Elements That Determine Whether or Not You Reach Your Goals:

  1. Financial Investment – paying for services and/or advertising
  2. Customer Engagement – are you encouraging conversation, then responding when they reach out?
  3. Internal Involvement – Providing local content
  4. Training – Teaching all employees how to help your business succeed

If you, as the business owner, are willing to make social media a priority, you can reach your goals, but social media is NOT a plug-in.  It involves making a change to nearly every aspect of your business.

Fortunately, what seems like a mammoth undertaking is easier to handle when you have a social media advisor.  Scalable Social Media is happy to help.  Call today for a free consultation.

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