“Like this update if you hate cancer!”

Like if you hate cancerIf you’re like us, you see updates like this on Facebook several times a day by small businesses seeking to connect using social media.

Perhaps at first (like us) you thought, “Why yes, as a matter of fact, I DO hate cancer!” so you liked and shared away.   As the weeks wear on and the trend seems to be heating up, however, you find you are liking and sharing with less and less enthusiasm and maybe even begin to feel a little resentment.

“Yes, I do wish they would find a cure for Alzheimer’s Disease, but do I really need to confirm that desire publicly, and on a regular basis?”  or “No, I don’t think hatred is good, but my not “liking” your update is not as much a reflection of my beliefs as it is irritation at feeling manipulated.”

Then there is the personal profile version of this virtual guilt trip, “99 percent of people won’t change their status to show this update about COPD (or HIV, or Breast Cancer, or other valid concern). But, we know you’re different. Let’s see how many will do it to show their support.”

We’re not saying there is never a time where a simple request for a show of support might be useful.  We’re saying that in our opinion, it’s gotten out of hand.

Let’s find another way allow others to show their support – a way that will motivate – not manipulate, others to respond.

Let’s say you want to promote and connect with people using social media for your independent pharmacy.  Perhaps the Great American Smokeout is coming up.  It might be tempting to post a provocative photo and add the description, “Like and share if you think lung cancer is bad.” (or perhaps something a little more eloquent). Instead, consider posting a photo of  two friends and say, “One of these women smokes. What could her friend do or say to help her quit for good this time?”  Then, be prepared to go back to the update from your profile and comment with your suggestion.  Not only does this make commenters feel good about themselves, it might actually help promote the cause and help someone encourage a friend to quit smoking.

You could also try something simpler.  Instead of, “Like if you hate migraines!” ask people to comment on their favorite headache remedies (or give multiple options to choose in a poll).  People enjoy a chance to share their knowledge.  It makes them feel good.  People do not like to feel manipulated.  It breeds resentment.

What do you think? Do you dutifully like and share?  Do you ignore?  Is it starting to get under your skin? Please share in the comments below.  We always respond and look forward to hearing from you.

Oh, and if you looking for assistance with social media for independent pharmacy or other small business, please download our free eBook, How to Enhance your Internet Presence with Social Media.

PS – Ooooh, I just saw a new one: ‎”‘SHARE’ this pic of our (MOVIE TITLE) stars in (NAME OF MAGAZINE)  if YOU believe love is ageless!”  Did I share?  Did I like?  Nope!  Does that mean I don’t believe love is ageless?  I’ll let you guess…

About the Author Alisa Meredith (311 Posts)

As co-owner and chief inbound marketing consultant at Scalable Social Media, Alisa Meredith spends a lot of time keeping up with online marketing trends for the benefit of our customers. Computers have been a passion of hers since her first T1-99, so inbound and social media marketing is a natural fit.


  1. Carolyn

    Thank you for offering suggestions on how to motivate people into commenting or sharing a post instead of demanding or telling them to.

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