Facebook Introduces “Get Notifications” for Business Pages

Recently, Facebook Business Pages have been asking (begging?) their fans to add them to an Interest List in an attempt to make sure their updates are seen by more fans. Whether or not this has resulted in higher rates of engagement or not is up for debate.  It seems to be a moot point now, however, as Facebook has started rolling out a new option for those who “like” business pages on Facebook.

Now (or soon), you can visit the Facebook Business Pages you like and hover over the “Liked” button and choose to “Get Notifications” (see printscreen below).  Why would you do that? If you don’t want to miss any updates by brands you want to hear from!

Why would you need to get notifications if you already liked a Facebook Business Page?

Well, Facebook tries to sort through newsfeed clutter for you, not showing every update from ever person and brand to whom you are connected.   If you rarely interact with a page by liking, commenting on or sharing status updates (or if you hide or report a post), Facebook decides that you don’t care to see many of their updates, and so will not show them to you.  The only way to see all updates is to visit the brand’s Timeline directly, and we know most aren’t doing that!

What Does it Mean to Get Notifications?

If you have a number of friends in your “Close Friends” list on Facebook, you’ve noticed that whenever they post an update, you are notified.  Facebook page notifications will work much the same way.  If you decide you don’t want to receive notifications any more, just revisit the business page timeline and uncheck the “Get Notifications” option!

Will you use this new feature?  Which pages do you really want to keep in touch with? Please tell us below!


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