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In this allopathic medicine, which seeks to eliminate the symptoms of the disease, creating the illusion that you can continue with the old way of life and the use of chemicals, in order to avoid the consequences - disease. Tibetan medicine, on the other hand, argues that it is impossible to get rid of the disease without considering the reason t. E. changing the way of life that led to their emergence and development. In his youth, when he was still mobic quite good, few people think about the future. The man then made a lot of mistakes, you feel full of energy, but are not always able to point them in the right direction. He continues to experience healthy, and do not think about the consequences of their actions. 5 g of bark Viburnum; Another reason could be the development of logoneurosis dislocation as a result of birth trauma, falls, etc. caused by external mechanical effect of the nerve cell "starry sky"..., Humankind today lives in the masses as they -same, in their own interest, not only do not ignore care about the interests of the whole body of the biosphere, but also openly, they hurt by doing more harm to themselves and their surroundings - nature of the earth each of us the same kind of parallel to the recovery of the biosphere of the human community in general worsening of chronic diseases, spiritual, mental and physical zdorovya.Vypolnyat practice every morning and every night is 1-2 minutes. A loan. iymed go to website Cabbage (executives), remove the pan from the heat and add a cup of apple cider vinegar. remaining cabbage pour the hot broth. carbon is ready for use after 2 weeks. Serve with a side dish can be cooked in sugar or Parenko turnips, carrots or tykvy.Prakticheskuyu system based on methods and techniques, many of which are known to mankind since ancient times. It is, as already mentioned, elements of ancient India and ancient Chinese traditional medicine, various martial arts systems, respiratory exercises in all its diversity, and so
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