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Social Media Success – Five Key Numbers to Watch [Infographic]

“You can’t measure the ROI of social media!” If you’ve heard (and believed) that one, you’re not alone, but it simply isn’t true. Measuring the success of your social media marketing is not so different from measuring the success of other marketing efforts. You still need to understand:

  • How large your audience is,
  • How fast it is growing and,
  • How much traffic social media efforts drives, and most importantly, how many leads or customers are generated by that traffic.

Social Media Success Factor 1:  Social Audience Growth and Reach

Social Media Success - GrowthThe total number of people engaging with your brand in social media channels, such as Facebook 
“Likes,” Twitter followers, LinkedIn Group members, blog subscribers, YouTube channel subscribers, etc.

 What to Look For in Social Media Growth & Reach

Watch for a steady increase in the number of followers or fans you have, but don’t look to expand just for the sake of numbers. Your overall goal is to get your audience to share your content, visit your website, sign up for your newsletter or fill out a form and become a lead.

 How to Improve Your Growth & Reach

Don’t get too caught up in the numbers. It’s better to have 25 fans who take action than 25,000 who ignore you. There are some simple steps you can take to increase your follower/fan count:

  • Add links to your social platforms to your email signature.
  • Make it easy to follow you and share content from your website with links and widgets.
  • Post great content that people will share.
  • If you’re just getting started, ask friends, family, employees and business connections to like or follow you. Consider running some ads to get the word out.

Social Media Success Factor 2: Social Media Engagement

Social media success - engagementEngagement shows how often people are interacting with your social media accounts. For example:

  • Facebook likes (new fans), likes, comments and shares on updates.
  • Twitter replies and retweets.
  • Blog post comments.
  • YouTube video views.
  • Pinterest repins and likes.

What to Look For in Social Media Engagement

Look for a healthy and growing number of interactions.  A “good” engagement figure will vary by goal and industry, so mainly look for progress over time.

How to Improve Engagement

When you get interaction, take note of the subjects and kinds of content that motivate people to engage. Do more of that! If people aren’t talking about you, could it be because you’re not covering the topics that really matter to your viewers? If you’re getting at least SOME interaction, go ahead and ask directly, “What can we help you with today?” “What’s your biggest (subject) challenge right now?” and be prepared to give your fans what they want.

Try a Twitter search for “how do I” combined with your subject specialty. See what people in general are asking. You can also start typing in to Google search, “How do I” or another good question starter. Auto-fill will tell you what people are looking for answers to right now.

 Social Media Success Factor 3: Visibility and Brand Perception

Social Media Success - VisibilityWhat are people saying about you on social media? Is it good? Bad? Neutral? Do you know? Monitor mentions of your brand to see who is talking about you and why.

Keep track of social mentions by monitoring your social accounts for comments, mentions, etc. and by using a tool such as HubSpot, or a free service such as SocialMention or Google Alerts to catch those you could easily miss. If it’s too early to see much brand-specific conversation, look for industry talk (what people are saying about your line of work).

What to Look For in Visibility and Brand Perception

Obviously, we all want to read complimentary comments about our brand or products. Look for content or items that produced the most buzz, and watch for customer service issues that may surface in customer comments online.

How to Improve Visibility and Brand Perception

Reach out to those talking about you – for good or bad! Show appreciation for the fact that they mentioned you. Take a cue from buzz-producers – you’re on to something. Seeing complaints? Obviously you’ll want to take care of that!

Social Media Success Factor 4: Traffic from Social Media

Social Media Success - TrafficMeasures how many people are visiting your site from social media channels. The simplest way to measure this is to use Google Analytics and look at Sources > Referrals.

What to Look For in Referral Traffic From Social Media

Watch for traffic from social media sources to rise over time. Keep an eye on which platforms perform best for you and concentrate your time there.

How to Increase Referral Traffic From Social Media

If you’re not happy with your results, make sure your tweets, Facebook updates, Pins, etc. often include relevant links back to your website. Don’t just send people to your home page, either. Select a page that compliments the update.

Social Media Success Factor 5: Conversion Rate from Social Media

Social Media Success - Conversions - the Ultimate Goal!This is the percentage of website visitors who become leads or customers. This is the ultimate measure of your social media success!

What to Look For

Your conversion rate should go up over time as you get to know your audience better. Look at which platforms send the most leads and spend more time there.

How to Increase Your Conversion Rate

Share links to landing pages that are well-optimized for lead generation. Make sure all your pages and blog posts have lead conversion opportunities on them.

Would you like to start seeing results for your hard work in social media? Talk to us today!

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Social Media Success – Five Key Numbers to Watch [Infographic]
Five numbers to look at when measuring the success of your social media marketing – it’s not as hard as it sounds!

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