More Efficient Marketing in Twenty Days

Sometimes, when someone downloads one of our marketing eBooksMarketing Crash Course - Twenty Days to More Efficient Marketing, we ask, “What’s your biggest marketing challenge?” Care to guess the most common response?

“Finding the time”! Yes, online marketing, as important as it is, often falls to the bottom of the to-do list, as everything else seems to scream for attention more loudly!

That’s why, when HubSpot asked for contributors to a new eBook about marketing hacks, we jumped at the chance.

Our Hack – Pinterest “Vaults”

It’s not actually a feature of Pinterest – just a way Pinterest junkie, Tina, came up with to get Pinterest boards ready for prime time before it was actually time to release them to the public. Here’s how it works:

  1. Create a  secret Pinterest board.
  2. Fill it up with fabulous pins, completely optimized descriptions and calls-to-action.
  3. When it’s ready for prime time, simply toggle the “secret” option off to make it public!

Personally, I hate to release a Pinterest board with only one or two pins on it. It looks unfinished. But I don’t always have time to fill up a board with quality pins all at once, making sure everything is optimized. Keeping a board secret and building it slowly allows me to release it when I’m satisfied. It’s also great for a time-sensitive board you’d like to have prepared in advance – like a seasonal or contest board.

Marketing Tip-A-Day – A November to Remember

The new eBook is a compilation of tips, tricks and hacks from 20 experienced marketers. When you get the eBook, you can also download a free calendar (works with your Gmail or Outlook calendar), so that, starting November 4th, you get one new hack each week day. Just think how speedy you’ll be by the end of the month! It’s even been broken down with a theme for each day of the month:

  • “Marketing Tool” Mondays: Tools that your fellow marketers are using to make their jobs more efficient and less Monday-like.
  • “Time Saving” Tuesdays: These tips will show you how to slice of seconds (or even minutes) from your work schedule.
  • “Tool Hack” Humpdays: Hack Humpdays are all about showing you creative ways to use marketing tools differently for amazing results
  • “Thoughtful” Thursdays: Strategies for a  well-run marketing team.
  • “Forward Thinking” Fridays: Get creative with topics that are designed to get you thinking outside of the stereotypical box.

So, what are you waiting for? Make this November the month you became a better, faster marketer! Get the eBook today!

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Twenty Days to Efficient Marketing
Twenty days to better, faster marketing with 20 tips, tricks and hacks from experienced marketers.
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