How Some Smart Veterinarians are Using Pinterest

Maybe you’re already convinced that Pinterest is a good fit for your veterinary practice or other small local business, and you even have a few tips in mind for getting started. Still, it always helps to see what others have done! Let’s take a look at some of the intrepid veterinarian Pinterest pioneers – and how they’re using this fun social media platform. We hope you’ll be inspired!

Newport Beach Veterinary Hospital

One to look at is Newport Beach Veterinary Hospital. They participate in some group boards, which is a fabulous way to boost exposure. However, it seems a lost opportunity that their profile image doesn’t include a cute image of an animal; nor is their account description complete.

Their “Cats” board is really cute – mostly funny and adorable photos with a “how to” video as well.  The board description is not filled in, and the board title could be more compelling. Maybe something like, “Cute Cats” …

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Tips for creating a strong Google Plus Presence

How to Establish a Strong Google+ Presence

Google+ is one of the largest and most undervalued social media platforms available today. Many business owners overlook the potential this social media gem brings to the table, having fallen victim to the lie that it is a “ghost town”. Far from an abandoned failure, Forbes recently named Google+ the second largest social media platform – just behind Facebook. With that in mind, and because of SEO implications of Google+, your business can’t afford to ignore it.

Connect with Others on Google+

Of course, to market your company or brand you need people to know you exist. One of the best ways to do this is to follow other businesses and accounts associated with your brand. Why?

Well, one of the best reasons is that they may follow you back. You are now also associated with their community, which may have a head start on Google +. It’s not purely selfish – your engaging with their updates is beneficial for their company, too.  Interaction – shares of your content and mentions of your account by those “high authority” accounts will …

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Using Twitter’s New Profile Options

Recently,  Twitter announced new custom designed profiles, as well as revamped iPad, iPhone & iPad Touch apps.

The fact that Twitter has jumped on the bandwagon of image-first profiles adds weight to just how important images are in conjunction with your business’ presence.  Let’s look at how we can make the most of it.

Using the New Twitter Profile Header Image

Activating your new header is simple. Whether you are using a PC, or already taking advantage of the new iPhone and iPad apps, you will want to start with your settings tab. Click on the tab and choose “design.” Here you find the option to create your header and photo avatar. When choosing your image(s) keep in mind the following:

Your header image will be the best quality at  1252×626, but will be resized to 520×260. You have a maximum file size of 5MB. Your image must be larger than 700 pixels wide for image quality. Twitter will automatically float and center your profile image. Don’t try to change the layout – you can’t. The header image serves …

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Getting Started on Instagram Step-by-Step for Your Business

With the ever increasing popularity of photo-driven social media sites, savvy business owners are learning to use these sites to their advantage.  One such site is Instagram.  With over 80 million registered users and four billion images shared, Instagram is proving to be an established social platform that can help drive traffic and generate brand exposure for your business.

What Is Instagram?

Instagram was launched in October 2010 as a free social media application, designed to help you build a community by sharing photos.  It allows users to take photos, create the look they wish to achieve by applying filters and, with a click of a button, share them.

With sites such as Pinterest and Instagram reaching new highs for registered users it’s evident consumers find these sites engaging.  So here’s what you need to know to create an account.

Getting Started with Instagram

Setting up an account with Instagram is simple and takes only a few minutes. Simply visit the App Store on your iPhone, or …

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