5 Dumb Reasons Smart People Avoid Going Social with their Businesses – Part IV – I’m Doing Fine Without It

Is  your business doing just fine without social media?

A business needs a telephone.  Now it needs social media, too!

Here, another business tool you used to be able to do without…

There was a time when you could do business without a phone, fax machine or cell phone, too. When you are not participating in the conversation, you allow others to build your reputation for you, and you run the risk of missing warning signs until after it is too late. Just as with any major shift in customer expectations, those businesses that don’t adapt get swallowed up.

Gone are the days when you could catch up with the competition by buying exposure.  You can advertise on Facebook, but you cannot buy trust, engagement or advocates.  Those only come with time. The longer you wait, the harder you will have to work to catch up.

What to do:

Adapt: It is interesting to watch the business/consumer relationship returning to the one that existed before the big box stores.  Then, customers share with their family and neighbors their experience with your business. Now customers are back in control and can help build your business by telling thousands of people about you. Make it easy for them to do so.

About the Author Alisa Meredith (311 Posts)

As co-owner and chief inbound marketing consultant at Scalable Social Media, Alisa Meredith spends a lot of time keeping up with online marketing trends for the benefit of our customers. Computers have been a passion of hers since her first T1-99, so inbound and social media marketing is a natural fit.

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