Let's turn content marketing strategy upside down - with Pinterest!

Content Marketing, Popstars, Pinterest, and Music Videos

If you follow Scalable on Instagram, or me anywhere, you know I’ve developed a slight addiction to running. It’s not the running so much as the feeling of accomplishment. And I need a good dose of distraction to keep me on the treadmill for three or four miles. I tried tv, music, music plus scenery and only ended up with motion sickness. Next stop – YouTube and music videos.

I started with a Mumford & Sons mix, which turned out to be a good choice. Some of the videos were just gorgeous – and totally distracting. Perfect! Some of them still have me puzzled. For instance, “Radioactive” by Imagine Dragons. I cannot understand what the muppet beating up on stuffed animals has to do with anything – unless they were going for a dog-fighting feel without the actual horror of it. No idea.

Some of the videos were fun, some predictable, and some were so beautiful that the music seemed just a nice addition. And a fair number of them were just plain …

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How to make the most of your content offers

How to Make the Most of Your Ebook or Whitepaper – A Step By Step Guide

Creating downloadable Ebooks, whitepapers, templates, check lists, or other content offer with information so valuable that people would pay for it is a pillar of effective online marketing or “inbound” marketing. When you create remarkable and useful content, you’re able to build and segment your email lists for more effective marketing and lead follow-up.

But just how do you get from a content offer to a useful email list and lead nurturing process? And how do you get people to sign up for your offer?  This process can be overwhelming, but when you break it down step-by-step, nothing gets left out and your content can be a big success! So, let’s get started. You can also download a very detailed checklist here.

Promoting An Ebook or Whitepaper with Marketing Automation

You can promote your content with a combination of programs for landing pages, email and nuturing – and we’ll try to give you affordable options, but we prefer to use HubSpot. Not sure it’s worth the investment? Check out this …

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Completely fabulous content sharing tools

Finding the Best Content to Share – 4 Tools for Smart Curation

Ever notice there’s an abundance of fantastic content – except when you need to find something good to share on Facebook, Google+, Pinterest or Twitter?

All of a sudden that vast sea of good stuff looks more like an abandoned watering hole. Or, maybe you just get so overwhelmed by the immense quantity of content that you just can’t decide what’s worth curating, so you share nothing.

This phenomenon may make you wonder about those people who always seem to have something good to share. Do they write EVERY bit of content they share themselves? Do they spend their entire day looking for things to curate? Do they have some kind of inside scoop that isn’t available to you?

No, probably not. They just know about some sites and tools you haven’t found yet. Oh, and they’re all free…


AllTop describes itself as an online magazine rack and “an information filter to help you find your nuggets of gold”. They take some of the best blogs in given topics and display the five most recent posts on …

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Content Hacks eBook

Content Marketing Hacks – 34 Time-Saving Tips and Tools

No time for content? Let’s hack it!

We understand. Creating high-quality content on a consistent basis is incredibly time-consuming. But if we want to keep the traffic and leads coming in, we have to keep creating more and more!

Sometimes it isn’t about the time. It mighbe be that your company currently lacks the as the resources and people-power to get it done. This doesn’t have to be a deal-breaker for you!

To help make your marketing life a little easier, we present a collaborative eBook from us, HubSpot, and a bunch of smart marketers. We all shared our favorite “secret content weapon” tips. Those tips that help us out when:

We can’t think of what to write We can’t come up with a killer title We need to come up with great content fast Our design mojo left the office at noon.

From planning and writing to designing and more, you’ll learn what the pros use to make the most of their time with topics such as:

“Turn client questions into content topics.” (#2) “Beat writer’s block with …

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Who owns that blog post? The Writer? The agency?

Content Ownership – Who Owns That Blog Post?

As an agency, you pay for content to promote your business (smart move). Once you pay for it, you assume it’s yours and it will not be resold or republished by the writer. You probably never gave it another thought.

As a writer, you pour your heart into the best blog post EVER. Your company or client publishes it on their blog with your byline, maybe even with your photo, and pays you for it. Maybe you add it to your LinkedIn publications or share a link to it on Twitter. Maybe not.

But, who owns it now? What happens when an employer supplies content to other companies? Can they claim the content as their own? And, who SHOULD own it?

As someone on both sides of the issue (I’m a writer for a business I co-own and I hire writers to supply content to our clients), this is of interest to me, though it’s never been a matter of contention with our awesome writers or my fabulous business partner.

In fact, one of my writers asked me if it …

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Images make readers happy. Happy readers means more website traffic. via @scalablesocial

How Images Get More Traffic to Your Blog

Four year old Natalie picks up a book, sits down on the couch with her teddy and her mom and snuggles in for a story.

The second the book is opened, however, she’s howling for an old favorite, instead. How come? It looks like Mom dared to try to read her a story from a book without pictures!

Few of us would have such a public reaction. Yet, admit it; you have judged a book by its cover AND  by the images (or lack thereof) inside. Why? Is it because you’re lazy? Hate to read? Not at all! Humans are, and always have been stimulated by all things visual. It’s simply our nature.

Blogging to Give People What They Want

What does Natalie love in a book? Fun characters, a good story line and really great pictures! You probably spent hours creating a content strategy before you started writing. You thought about your potential customers and what their needs, challenges, and questions are. Then you figured out how you fill those need and answer those questions with your products, services …

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why the internet loves cats and bacon

Why Cats and Bacon Rule Online

Not in the business of cats OR bacon? Never fear! The key is to figure out why cats and bacon are internet sensations and then put that to work for your business

Why Do Cat and Bacon Images and Videos Go Viral?

You know why! One is adorable and one is tasty – and we assume you know which is which. “But,” you may say, “Babies and hedgehogs are adorable and pizza and ice cream are delicious – so why don’t those overcome our furry and salty stars?”

Well, cats are almost always cute. Even when they’re ugly, they’re cute. Babies are always miraculous and “precious,” but they are not always universally visually appealing. Don’t judge – we know you think so, too. The expressions and play of kittens and cats make almost anyone smile, and who doesn’t feel better when smiling?

Cats are also everywhere, making it easy for anyone to capture them in ridiculous photos and videos of their crazy antics – whereas hedgehogs are a little more elusive. This makes for a never-ending supply of cute …

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Young businesswoman sitting at desk yawning. Four Tips to Make Your "Dull" Business Shine.

Too Boring for Social Media? Four Tips to Make Your “Dull” Business Shine.

Behind every successful company lies a good marketing strategy. But what if your company is about as interesting as listening to Ben Stein sell Visine? Boring businesses are a reality, but they don’t need to be a marketer’s nightmare. In fact, plenty of companies are marketing “boring” businesses successfully. What’s their secret? Try their four strategies for boring business success!

Change Your Thinking

Think that great marketing requires a hot product? Since most products and services don’t fall into this category, you have to know that’s not true. Letting a “boring” business model discourage you may mean you’re being too literal and you need to think outside your self-imposed box!

Take BlendTec for example. I don’t know about you, but I would never use the word “exciting” to describe a blender.  Show me a commercial focused on the actual features of the blender and I leave the room to refill my drink. It’s boring.

However, BlendTec’s marketing strategy is anything but boring. Products are marketed with …

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Ten Blogging Tips for Beginners

Ten Simple Ways to Get More People to Your Blog

Need to get more visitors to your blog?

One visitor recently shared with us that his biggest marketing challenge is “writing blog posts and understanding what I need to do for proper SEO/SMO”.  He downloaded our Perfect Blog Post Checklist, so we know he’s now well on his way, but we felt we could address the idea of SEO for blogging more directly.  SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SMO (Social Media Optimization) both have as their aim driving more traffic to a website or blog.

Traffic – Generating Blog Tips

Write Good Stuff

OK, this should go without saying, so it doesn’t get a number :).  Write something that people want to read about.

#1 Know Your Keywords

The Google AdWords Keyword Tool can help you determine which words and phrases to use.  Another method is to respond to an urban legend or commonly posted and reposted erroneous message on Facebook and use some of the exact phrases you see used over and over.

#2 Use Your Keywords

Use your keywords near the …

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How to Write the Perfect Blog Post

Nothing is perfect, you say?  Well, maybe not, but your blog posts can be awfully close! Before you write anything, make sure you have a good topic.  We’ve written extensively on how to find great blog topics. Ready to write? Let’s go!

Do Your Research

Not with a view to using other people’s content, but to gather facts and ideas.  You’ll cite those in your article or as “related articles” at the end of your post, so keep track of them. Make sure that any statistics you use are recent. Check your keyword list and choose one or two you’ll feature (Don’t have a keyword list? We can help.)

Create a Powerful Blog Post Title

Use your keywords, but naturally. Will it draw in the casual browser? Don’t be afraid to be a bit provocative. Avoid using a confusing or irrelevant title. You may attract attention, but not of the right variety! “How to…” and “Ten Ways to…” “Why You …

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