For Increased Social Media Sharing, Try These “Magic” Words

Give your content its best chance at success by working these terms into your updates whenever it makes sense to do so.

Thanks to QuickSprout for the awesome infographic. It goes without saying that you can easily overdo it. Gaming the system never works for long, so keep it real!

Facebook Words to Try for Comments Likes and Shares: 

post would submit when warns should discount inspires where should take tell us comment* amuses deals

“Discount,” “deals”, “warns,” “inspires,” and “amuses” shouldn’t surprise us a bit. Studies show that many people like Facebook business pages for discounts and deals, and Facebook users do enjoy a good horror story, uplifting account, or funny cat video. The inclusion of “post” suggests that you should expressly mention it if you’re sharing one of your blog posts. Give that a try.

* Take care when using “comment.” Facebook recently changed its algorithm to discourage “like-baiting,” described as asking readers to like, comment, or share in an attempt to artificially inflate reach.  Facebook elaborates, “This update will not impact Pages …

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Webinar – Get Selling on Facebook Fast!

Wondering whether Facebook is a good investment for your business? With declining reach, ever-changing algorithms and the rise of newer social networks, is it even worth your time?

Please note: The webinar “Alisa Meredith and Claire Jarrett Present.. “Get Selling on Facebook in under 60 Minutes!”” at Mon, Mar 10, 2014 has been moved to Wednesday 12 Mar 2014 at 4:00 PM – 5:30 PM EDT due to low numbers of people being able to attend this date and time.

Please click here to register for the new date.  I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

We think so, and so does Claire Jarret. She’ll be joining us for a free webinar on Monday, March 10th at 3PM EST and we hope you will, too!

We’ll talk about :

How to set a simple yet powerful Facebook campaign. How to get more fans without paying for them. How to save time managing your Facebook page. How even a very small budget can go a long way with Facebook ads. Whether or not Facebook is still worth …

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Thumbs up - Why Your Brand Still Needs a Facebook Page

Why Your Brand Still Needs a Facebook Page – Seriously

There’s been a lot of debate surrounding the value of Facebook business pages lately. Many of the talking heads would have you believe that Facebook is a waste of time. Why?  Reach is down, and “everyone is leaving”.  You’ll get no arguments here about decreasing reach, but this first-hand account might be enough to convince you that, for many businesses, there is still value in a Facebook page.

Why Your Brand Still Needs Facebook – Lyn’s Story

Everyone loves a story, right? So let me tell you something that happened just last week to a friend of mine – it illustrates why Facebook is still a good fit for many businesses.

My friend Lyn, a nurse at the local NICU,  has a love of  needles – not work related, she’s a knitter. A couple of years ago, Lyn offered to make for me some of the many props I was buying for my small photography business, just to be nice. Here she was making all these great props for me, saving me lots of money, and often she wouldn’t even …

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Facebook reach is down - should you jump ship?

Should Your Business Give Up on Facebook?

“Since Facebook is not showing our updates to our fans, we have decided to move to Google+ (or Twitter, or whatever). Please join us there if you want to keep up with the latest.” Sniffle, sniffle.

Have you seen this on Facebook? I know I have, and I think it’s a little short-sighted. Rather than just giving up out of frustration, or because the “experts” say it’s a waste of time, let’s look at what’s behind all this quitting.

Why Businesses Are Leaving Facebook – Or Threatening to Leave

Organic reach is down – it’s pay to play on Facebook. Again, true. But since when was marketing actually free, anyway? If you want to get the kind of reach you were getting four years ago, you are going to have to pay. Depending on your business, and the results you get, it might be worth it for you.

Teens are quitting Facebook. Yes, it’s true. But unless your business caters only to teens, that shouldn’t matter a bit. Even if your best customer are in their teens, are …

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#Canva - changing design for good!

Canva: Changing Design for Good

We heart Canva.

Update: We double-heart Canva. They read my post and sent over a link I can share with all of you to give you instant access PLUS $10 in free credits. What are you waiting for?

For years, we looked with envy at the professional graphics others used, making due with our less-than inspired images for our own site – until one day, Canva appeared and changed everything!

Even if you are a bit of a designer and worry about the lack of flexibility in an online tool (and yes, there is some here), think of the time you could save!

With templates, images, elements, text holders and even fun “dress up” items like glasses, hats and mustaches, you can have a lot of fun on Canva while creating graphics that are going to make you look really good.  If you purchase images from Canva, they’re just $1. Upload your own, or create something with just free elements and it’s completely free!

I asked one of our community managers, Tina, to tell us why she …

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Facebook pay to play, should you? via @scalablesocial #Facebook

Facebook Admits “Pay to Play” – Should You?

Last week, an article in Adage confirmed what Facebook marketers had suspected all along – Facebook is throttling the reach your Facebook Page updates get, in order to encourage page admins to pay for Facebook ads.

In fact, documents received by Adage imply that the reason to maintain a Facebook page is to make for more effective paid advertising. This is a huge shift.

Should You Pay for More Facebook Exposure – Or Move On?

It depends. Consider paying for Facebook ads:

If Facebook is where your fans are and, You used to have great engagement that has slowed recently (it sounds likes can be expected to continue to slow) and, The engagement alone is worth the investment or, Your Facebook interactions and exposure results in leads or sales.

How can you know if Facebook is profitable for you? Check out our eBook on Online Marketing ROI.

Why We Won’t Shutter Our Page

While our Facebook page does give us some website traffic and some leads, at this point, it does not look like it is …

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How New Facebook Contest Rules Could Damage Your Page

Facebook’s New Contest Rules – How Taking Advantage of Them Could Hurt Your Page

This week, Facebook relaxed their contest rules. Page owners are now allowed to encourage people to ask for likes and comments on their updates as contest entries.  Non-techie page admins everywhere rejoiced, or didn’t notice – lots were running illegal contests, anyway! Oh, and not to pick on the little guys – even well-known brands have been seen getting away with this. So, isn’t it great that running contest is now really simple on Facebook? Um, maybe not.

Is this a Trap?

Last week, Facebook announced a small change to the EdgeRank Algorithm. That’s geek-speak for the formula they use to decide how likely it is that your fans will see your content.

They are looking to reward pages that post high quality content (hooray!). Since then, blog posts claiming “Facebook to punish pages that ask for ‘likes and shares’ and those that just post memes” have been popping up all over. Social media professionals rejoiced – finally, no more gaming the system with cheap tricks, disingenuous begging …

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Facebook relaxes contest rules - they've turned everything as upside down as our bulldog!

Facebook Contest Rules Changed – Why You Should Care

Though many page administrators seemed unaware of it, until yesterday it was against the rules to run a Facebook promotion wherein the entrants sent a message to the page or liked or commented on an update to enter a contest or giveaway. Then, Facebook surprised us all and gave permission for people to do what they were already doing – run promotions without a third-party app.

What is Still Against the Rules

Requiring people to share an update on their own timelines is still against the rules. I know, pages do it anyway – but there have been cases where Facebook has shut down pages for this infraction. Running promotions on a personal profile is also prohibited.

A Brand New “No-No”

Page administrators can no longer tag or encourage people from tagging themselves on an update in which they are not actually pictured. So, if you post a photo of a new dish at your restaurant and ask people to tag themselves to enter to win, this is against the rules. If, however, you upload a photo including a crowd …

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don't make these blogger mistakes

Facebook – Five Mistakes Bloggers Make

Everyone knows the importance of using Facebook to help promote blogs. But when you are first starting out, it’s good to be aware of some potentially damaging mistakes BEFORE you make them.

Not Setting Up a Facebook Business Page for Your Blog

If you have a business blog and you wish to promote it on Facebook, you must have a Facebook Page dedicated to it.  Using a personal profile for your business can cause you to get shut down.

Facebook pages also give you added functionality. Use them to create special landing pages and promote freebies and contests when you use third-party apps (only available for pages). Pages also have access to insights (analytics) not available to personal profiles. If you have been using your personal profile mainly for your business, you can convert it to a page, which allows you to keep your “friends” as “likes”.

Not Sharing the Content of Others

Many beginner bloggers post Facebook status updates …

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find the link to a facebook status update printscreen

Link to a Facebook Page Status Update – How?

There’s a particular Facebook status update you want to share with a friend, colleague or customers. Maybe you want to email a link to a really well-performing update to show your manager or co-workers what kinds of updates are getting a great response. Maybe you want to send an email campaign to customers, directing them to a video you posted on your Facebook Page.  But, you’ve looked those updates up and down and can’t find a link anywhere, and you don’t want to send a link to the page and tell them what date to look for. Usually, they won’t! So,

How Can I Link to a Facebook Page Status Update?

It’s simple, but not obvious! On any page or on your newsfeed, hover over the time posted.

It’s in grey, either (on a timeline) right below the name of the poster, to the left of the “privacy status” indicator (the tiny globe) or, in your newsfeed it’s to the right of the like, comment, and share buttons.

Then just right click and copy the URL, or click on …

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