What you need to know about hashtags and privacy

Facebook Hashtags and Privacy – What You Need To Know

When Facebook enabled hashtags, what you heard most was groaning.

“Hashtags belong on Twitter!”

“Bring on the SPAM!”

“This is going to get #Ugly!”

Beyond that, people worried that their personal profile posts containing hashtags would be visible to everyone. This fear was reinforced when users searched for their own hashtags included in posts limited to friends only and saw their updates in the results.

Is Facebook ignoring your privacy settings and showing your hashtagged posts to everyone?

No, they’re not. Privacy settings override new features. To tell Facebook who can see your updates, click the blue button to select public, friends, etc. Of course, all business page updates are public.

How Can I Keep My Facebook Updates Private?

There seems to be an ingrained distrust of Facebook, which really has made efforts to allow us to control how our information is used. You can even go back and change updates that were public to be private or only accessible by friends.  However, the best way to make sure none of your personal information is released to the public is …

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No Trolls Allowed - how to ban a Facebook user

Facebook Pages – How to Ban a User

Facebook fans are great – except when they’re not! Normally, we get a little thrill when we see the “new fan” notification on our pages. We might even give them a “welcome” post or check out their timeline.  What happens, though, when the occasional fan goes rogue?

Just a Friendly Discussion, or Something More? Identifying Trolls

Trolls online? Yep. Wikipedia defines them as, “someone who posts inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community, such as a forum, chat room, or blog, with the primary intent of provoking readers into an emotional response or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion.”

Not everyone who disagrees with you is a troll. If you post something controversial, you should be prepared for some passionate responses. Since you really did ask for it, respond politely, even if you don’t agree.

If someone posts a complaint or customer service request to your page, go ahead and respond in a professional way. If the customer is truly unhappy, it’s often best to apologize and give them a way to contact you privately so you can resolve the issue. You could turn …

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abandoned facebook page no engagement

I’ve Tried Social Media, But I Want More Visibility and Engagement

Recently, I received a lead form from a visitor whose biggest marketing challenge was “getting seen and then getting engagement”. I don’t want to embarrass him, so I obscured identifying details, but I do want to show you the Facebook Page I turned up for his company…

Their website is actually nice, and their “About” section on Facebook is informative and even uses good keywords.  They link to their Facebook page from their website.  So, what’s causing the lack of interest and engagement to his social presence?

OK, it’s kind of a trick question, because it is painfully obvious!

No cover photo No custom apps Only one photo NO UPDATES!

This may be the most extreme example I’ve seen, but it does make you wonder – do they expect engagement here? My guess is no, and they know they need to up their game. So, he downloaded several of our online marketing ebooks, and I hope they help.

What I’d recommend to him if I got him on the phone:

Upload an appealing cover …

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Gavel - Could using images on social accounts get you sued

Could Using Images on Social Media Get You Sued?

Question: Is a picture worth _______

a thousand words, or a thousand dollar lawsuit?

Answer? It depends!

With the ever expanding use of images in social media, the reality is that many people and businesses are putting themselves at the risk of being cited for copyright violations. Bloggers, Pinterest users, and Facebook users are at risk. In fact, most of you have already used a copyrighted image.  Think that statement seems over the top? It’s not.

I want to share a story that sent chills up my spine. It behooves all social media users to read this blog post – it could spare you the stress and expense of being involved in a lawsuit.

Blogger Sued for Using Photos

Roni Loren is a published writer. She’s the National Bestselling Author of The Loving on the Edge and blogger for Blog Her. That being the case, you may assume that Roni is familiar with copyright regulations. You’d be correct, but that wasn’t enough to stop the lawsuit.

Roni explains, “Like most …

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Negative Facebook Feedback

Why am I Getting Negative Feedback on Facebook?

Who of us doesn’t want to be liked? The very question is absurd. Of course we want to be liked – both on a personal and professional level. Of course, there are some out their who maintain the “I don’t need people to approve of me” line of thought, but for most of us acceptance is all too often an indicator of success.

Negative Feedback and Facebook

Why does this matter in the social world? If you have a Facebook business page, you’re familiar with Facebook Insights. What you may not be aware of,  is that hidden deep within these insights  is a tool designed to track negative feedback on your page.  Before you scurry off,  pulse racing, desperate to know who doesn’t like you, there are a few things you should know.

How Do I Know if I Have Negative Feedback?

From your business page, look for the  “Insights” panel (look for a mini graph). Click “see all.” Here,  on your Insights home page you will see your posts sorted by dates. This is where we can track feedback for …

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To Hash or Not to Hash – The #Hashtag Predicament

Update – Hashtag functionality is rolling out to Facebook users as of June 11th. But we’re keeping the meme – because we like it.

Hashtags have become increasingly popular on social media sites. Maybe too popular. “Stop The OverUse of Hashtags” and “I Hate Hashtags” are two of the many Facebook pages created by annoyed fans. It feels as though Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest users alike need a reminder on the purpose of hashtags.

This raises the questions: To hash or not to hash? Should businesses stop using hashtags altogether? What’s an appropriate use of hashtags? What makes a good hashtag?

What is a Hashtag?

Hashtags are words or phrases that begin with the # sign (example: #flowers).  They can be a useful tool for marking keywords and topics. How do they work?

Using hashtags correctly will boost your Search Engine Optimization (SEO), which impacts your brand’s visibility in search engines. SEO is crucial for businesses to grow their audience, sell their products and increase their brand influence. Hashtags used appropriately will isolate keywords or topics …

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Name Tag - Peer Pressure & Social Media

How do You Measure Up? Peer Pressure & Social Media

You put great effort in to marketing your business. You design logos, websites and establish social media platforms. You spend time blogging and tweeting, in the hope of developing a loyal fan following. Blood, sweat and sometimes even tears, are shed getting your business off the ground.

And then it happens. Browsing through your feed a business page catches your eye. You click on it, maybe to check out the competition or gain some inspiration. Immediately your good mood disappears.  Their logo is designed at epic levels, their products are trendy and fun, they have a million followers (or at least it feels that way compared to your 200) and fans are raving about how wonderful they are.

Don’t pretend it hasn’t happened to you. In an instant, you’ve lost your social media identity.

Peer Pressure and Social Media

What you felt may not have been envy, but inadequacy. Left unchecked it’s just not healthy. Experts call it “yardsticking,the impulse to privately …

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Dazzle Diva Reaches Celebrity Status Thanks to Social Media

“Dazzle Diva” has quickly escalated to a household name in the state of Maine. That’s easy to do when Snooki’s baby Lorenzo sports your product on the cover of People magazine. So how did this single mom, working from home, find herself in demand with hot celebrities? Social media.

How Social Media Propelled The Dazzle Diva

When Laurie Hale started out back in 2002 she was a woman with a passion – a passion for bling. Laurie uses genuine Swarovski crystals to add sparkle to anything you can imagine.

“I started making items 16 years ago when I had my daughter. There were so many beautiful items out there and I just could not afford the high cost. I used to see these accessories and say to myself “I can make this.” When I would take my daughter out, people wold stop me and ask where I got the items.” This was only the beginning of great things for The Dazzle Diva.

Laurie started using MySpace and Ebay to market her brand, but it was Twitter that gave …

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How to Run an Effective Facebook Contest

Last week we talked about the dangers of running a Facebook contest. Sifting through rules is not exactly fun. Losing your Facebook page when you’re shut down for breaking the rules? Even less fun. Now that you are an expert on the dos and donts, let’s look at  four tips to help you create and run an effective Facebook contest.

 1. Set Goals For Your Contest and Choose a Contest Type

What do you want to accomplish by running this contest? Usually it’s one or more of the following:

Get more “likes”, Increase engagement, Increase reach, Collect information about your fans, or Build your contact list.

There are a variety of contest styles to choose from. Contests usually fall in to four categories:

Sweepstakes Essay Photo Video

Sweepstakes is by far the easiest contest to enter and maintain, especially when using an app like ShortStack, NorthSocial or Votigo. If this is the first you’ve heard of these third party apps start

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