For Increased Social Media Sharing, Try These “Magic” Words

Give your content its best chance at success by working these terms into your updates whenever it makes sense to do so.

Thanks to QuickSprout for the awesome infographic. It goes without saying that you can easily overdo it. Gaming the system never works for long, so keep it real!

Facebook Words to Try for Comments Likes and Shares: 

post would submit when warns should discount inspires where should take tell us comment* amuses deals

“Discount,” “deals”, “warns,” “inspires,” and “amuses” shouldn’t surprise us a bit. Studies show that many people like Facebook business pages for discounts and deals, and Facebook users do enjoy a good horror story, uplifting account, or funny cat video. The inclusion of “post” suggests that you should expressly mention it if you’re sharing one of your blog posts. Give that a try.

* Take care when using “comment.” Facebook recently changed its algorithm to discourage “like-baiting,” described as asking readers to like, comment, or share in an attempt to artificially inflate reach.  Facebook elaborates, “This update will not impact Pages …

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How to run a contest on Google+

How to Run a Contest on Google+

Wondering how you can run a contest on Google Plus? You can’t! It’s true – check out Google’s policies on contests.

Not only is there no means to run a contest and record entries on the Google Plus platform, it is against the rules to use any functionality of Google+ as a means of entry. In other words, asking people to “+1” in order to enter to win is against the rules.

If Google+ Contests Were Not Against the Rules

Even if contests were permitted on Google+, there would be the matter of keeping track of entries. Unlike Facebook, with its tabs or applications, all you have on Google+ are your page and your +1s. There are paid services that claim to track who +1s each page on your website. However, according to Google+, this also violates the rules pertaining to +1 buttons.

“Publishers may not attempt to discover the identity of a Google+ button user unless the user consents to share his or her identity with the Publisher via a Google-approved authorization procedure. This prohibition …

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Tips for creating a strong Google Plus Presence

How to Establish a Strong Google+ Presence

Google+ is one of the largest and most undervalued social media platforms available today. Many business owners overlook the potential this social media gem brings to the table, having fallen victim to the lie that it is a “ghost town”. Far from an abandoned failure, Forbes recently named Google+ the second largest social media platform – just behind Facebook. With that in mind, and because of SEO implications of Google+, your business can’t afford to ignore it.

Connect with Others on Google+

Of course, to market your company or brand you need people to know you exist. One of the best ways to do this is to follow other businesses and accounts associated with your brand. Why?

Well, one of the best reasons is that they may follow you back. You are now also associated with their community, which may have a head start on Google +. It’s not purely selfish – your engaging with their updates is beneficial for their company, too.  Interaction – shares of your content and mentions of your account by those “high authority” accounts will …

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Hangouts Using Lower Thirds on Business Pages

Using Lower Thirds for Google+ Hangouts on Your Business Page

I recently wrote an article for the Social Solutions Collective about using Lower Thirds on Google Plus Hangouts. It’s great for personal branding and makes you look like a news anchor!

You can use them for Hangouts you partake in as your business pages, as well, but it requires some extra steps. It comes down to creating a username for your page itself, giving the Hangout Toolbox permission to operate on your page, and understanding where lower third presets are stored. It’s not difficult (just a little tedious) if you follow my simple step-by-step, below.

Enable Lower-Thirds for Your Business Page’s Google Plus Account

You must be the owner of the page (as opposed to being a manager) to do this. You’ll only have to go through this once, and then any page manager will be able to use lower thirds and create their own presets.

Go to page settings. Scroll down to find the “Third-Party Tools” section. You’ll see a long, random username. Click on Set up a password. Enter your existing Google Plus account password when prompted. …

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Google Plus Business Pages make you like Iron Man

How Google Plus Business Pages Make You Like Iron Man

Yup, you read that right. Forgive me, but I just saw the movie “Iron Man 3” and am still swooning a bit.

When I compare Google Plus business pages to Iron Man, I’m really referring to the suit of armor as the business pages and the person inside as the business owner.

Companies and small-business owners are finding protection (and a sense of awesomeness) in being able to separate their social media channels into more clearly defined territories. Sure, you can party it up like Tony Stark on your personal page, but when you need to go save the world, you don your professional page image – your Iron Man suit – and it’s all business.

Hopefully you’ve been on Google Plus long enough to get the feel for how to work your profile by finding great content, interacting with folks, etc. If you haven’t, you have no business creating a Google Plus business page. I say this with love because I know all too well the phrase “biting off …

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how to set up your Google Plus Business Page

How to set up your Google Plus Business Page

Just like with Facebook, Google+ allows for personal and business accounts – profiles and pages!  Assuming you already know why it is so important for your business to be on Google+, you’re ready to get your business on Google Plus and start taking advantage of the SEO benefits – so let’s get started.

Setting up your Google Plus Business Page

Log in to your Google account, go to Google Plus, and create a new page. Choose your category: Local Business or Place – Best for Hotels, Restaurants, stores and services. Local pages are designed to help people locate the business using its physical address. Product or Brand – Clothing, automobiles, electronics, financial services – Good for larger companies, where physical location is not as important. Company, Institution or Organization – The choice for most small and medium-sized businesses where local is not of prime concern. Arts, Entertainment or Sports Other Note: Don’t worry too much about choosing the right category. Your biggest decision will be “Local Business or Place“? or something else. Enter the …

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remote desktop on Google Plus Hangouts

How to Use Google Plus Hangouts Remote Desktop

Hooray! With the addition of Remote Desktop control, Google+ has just about any feature you could ask for for collaboration, presentation and recording. It’s great for training and customer support, too!

It’s very easy to use. Here’s how:

Just start a hangout and click on “More Apps” . Install the Remote Desktop App. Invite someone to attend with you and you be able to click a button to help the other person on the hangout. If you choose to, it gives the other attendee the ability to accept or decline.  When they accept, you can control their screen. They do not need to install the app on their end in order for you to help. Now, anytime you want to help someone just click the life saver!

Carolyn helped me out with a test. We wanted to know if it worked on air, and it does!   It’s not exactly Oscar-Worthy, but here’s the result:

Would you like to put social media and Google+ to work for your company?

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How to use Google Plus On Air Hangouts for Press Conferences

Using Google Plus Hangouts for Press Conferences

First, some Google Plus Hangout Basics, from the help files:

Hangouts can have a maximum of 10 participants. The easiest way to start a Hangout is to visit You’ll be taken to an invite screen where you can: Make sure you’re mic and camera are working correctly by looking at your video feed at the bottom of the page. You should be able to see yourself in the video feed, and when you talk, you should see a green bar appear at the bottom of your video. If you’re having issues with your mic or camera, try these troubleshooting steps. Invite entire circles or specific individuals to join you in your Hangout. Enable Hangouts on Air. Restrict people under the age of 18 from joining your Hangout by clicking Hangout Options and selecting the checkbox next to Restrict minors from joining this Hangout. Other Hangout participants won’t be able to invite minors and, the 18+ restriction cannot be changed once the Hangout has started.

When your Audience is not all on Google Plus – Use …

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Google Plus Mastery – A Beginner’s Guide

From a Facebook Caterpillar to a Google Plus Butterfly

As the community manager of a popular website, I spend a lot of time on social networks. I occasionally get so wrapped up in strategies and methods that I forget how to just use social media like a regular guy. Naturally, when Google Plus first came out and they were still doing the “invite only” beta testing, I was curious and signed up.

I looked around Google Plus for about 30 minutes, was unimpressed, and left. For the next six months I made a routine of haphazardly checking in, looking to see if any of my Facebook friends were there, and numbly posting content. I was getting tired of the sound of crickets that greeted my posts and eventually stopped posting altogether. It wasn’t until I read “What the Plus,” written by a Silicon Valley entrepreneur and former Apple employee, that I figured out what I was doing wrong.

If you get a chance, I highly recommend reading this eBook. (I paraphrase the most important steps to improving …

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The Beginner’s Guide to Understanding Google Plus – Illustrated

You don’t need to be a therapist to understand word association. For example, when I say “Barney,” folks will typically think of the loveable purple dinosaur or the equally loveable Neil Patrick Harris (and if I’m lucky enough, the Flintstones character might come up as well).

So, given the universality of Google, you’d think “Google Plus” would be associated readily with search engine optimization. However, I receive one or more of the following three responses whenever mention Google Plus:

I don’t get it, No one is there, and I don’t have time for another social network.

I call these the “Three Great Fears” of Google Plus. We’ll address the first one in this post – the other two tomorrow.

I do get it. I know why these questions prevent further investigation of Google Plus because I had the very same questions myself for a good six months after I created my Google Plus profile. Yet here I am, a Google Plus fanatic and cultist despite the years I’ve spent fostering Facebook and Twitter accounts. I’ll …

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