LinkedIn Publishing Platform - Why Use It?

LinkedIn Publishing Platform – Why Use It?

In February, LinkedIn announced that its exclusive publishing platform, once limited to about 500 influencers, would be opening up to all LinkedIn users. The news was met with some excitement, but also a lot of questions! Why should I use it? Does it have to be original content (no)? What should I write (what you know and what is helpful)?

I was definitely on the fence about it until I listened to Michael Stelzner’s Social Media Examiner Podcast with Stephanie Sammons. Something Stephanie was quick to point out is that it’s not a case where you can publish and forget it. You’ll need to share a link to your post as a well-timed update on LinkedIn and elsewhere, too. That said,  I’ve applied for the program and am rather anxious to get started. Here’s why:

LinkedIn Publishing Platform Benefit #1: A Boost to Your Profile

When you publish a post on LinkedIn, that content becomes part of your professional profile, and is visible on your profile right at the top. It used to be …

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LinkedIn Smart Networking

LinkedIn for Lead Generation and Relationship Building

LinkedIn can be a tremendous driver of website traffic and leads, especially for companies who sell products and services to other businesses. In fact, a 2012 study by HubSpot showed that LinkedIn generates 277% more leads than Twitter or Facebook! As with all social networking for business, the key is to subtly promote your business without using LinkedIn as an advertising platform. This post focuses on using your personal profile to build connections. Your business LinkedIn page is limited to posting updates and products.

Complete and Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile

This could be an entire post of its own, but we’ll cover the basics here. Try not to leave any section, or any field in a section blank. Make sure your profile image is uploaded (no one wants to do business with a faceless avatar) and professional. Though that photo of you on the boat with your son is fine for your Facebook profile, it doesn’t belong here. This is a place for your professional head shot – close …

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How to Change Your LinkedIn Profile URL

LinkedIn – How to Change Your Public Profile URL

When you first create your LinkedIn profile, you are assigned a profile URL that will be a combination of your first and last names, and a string of numbers. You may want to put this on your business card – but not in its current form! Instead, choose a URL that reflects who you are and what you do – incorporating keywords if possible.  If you believe people may search for you by name, use your full name, perhaps in conjunction with a short keyword.

It’s best to set your URL when you first create your profile, as people may bookmark your URL and search engines may index it. When you change it, your old URL does NOT forward to your new profile URL. Still, if you haven’t been very active, or your existing URL is not usable (johnsmith23419234, for example), you may wish to change it.

How To Change Your LinkedIn Public Profile URL

From you home page, hover over the Profile box and select “Edit Profile. Find your public profile URL under your photo and click “Edit” to …

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Is your LinkedIn Company Page a Ghost Town?

How to Grow Your LinkedIn Company Page Following

LinkedIn is the highest lead-producing platform in all social media for many businesses (especially B2B companies), yet the bulk of the activity seems to happen between people – not on company pages, and that makes sense.  But, what if you are involved in multiple businesses, or, what if you are responsible for maintaining the LinkedIn company page of a business you don’t plan to work for for the next forty years?  Being the conscientious employee you are, you don’t want to leave their LinkedIn presence desolate when you move on.

So, how can you get a little more action on your LinkedIn company profile?

Optimize your LinkedIn Company Profile

Seems like a no-brainer, but it’s worth double-checking to make sure you have a compelling cover and profile photo, all the details are filled in and current on your page, and your services section is filled out.

Share Relevant Content

People use LinkedIn for professional networking, so tailor your updates accordingly. Unless your business is about cats, sharing a popular Facebook cat meme on LinkedIn might not go over well. Focus more …

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Should I Outsource My LinkedIn Account Management?

We offer social media support for pretty much any platform out there.  We’ll help you optimize your profiles, network with others and respond to comments, and even add updates for you. Except on LinkedIn.

We’ll optimize your profile and company profile and add updates for you (and, indeed, more than one of our clients has been complimented by connections on the content we share), and even work with you to provide a strategy and suggest groups for you to join, but we won’t build connections and participate in LinkedIn groups on your behalf.

It’s not because we don’t see value in the platform (LinkedIn is HUGE for B2B). It’s not because there isn’t a demand for outsourced LinkedIn management, either.  Just this week, I had to turn down a prospective client who wanted us to manage LinkedIn for him. I hated to have to do it.


Why I Won’t Manage LinkedIn For You

Unlike activity on any of the other major networks, all interaction on LinkedIn (besides posting updates) is done through a personal …

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