Why Content Marketers Love Pinterest

If you’re already using Pinterest to drive more traffic and leads to your business website, you’re probably already a little in love with it. I know I am! There are so many reasons, but here are a few I’m extra grateful for today.

Pinterest Can Be Lead Generation Magic

The initial benefit we saw was an increase in website traffic – lots of it. Last month, in fact, one of our customers got nearly as much traffic from Pinterest alone as from all other organic sources, including Google. Take a moment to look at your analytics and imagine doubling your organic traffic just by using Pinterest. It can happen!

But, at first we struggled with lead generation. Would it be enough to justify the one to two hours a week we dedicate to Pinterest?

Well, I’m happy to report that we’re starting to see the amazing lead generation potential of Pinterest on the accounts we manage as well. Last month, one of our client’s Pinterest leads accounted for 42% of all leads!

It’s true, you have to find …

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10 Reasons You're Missing the Boat on Pinterest - and how to Change it.

10 Reasons You’re Missing the Boat on Pinterest

On Pinterest, but not feeling the magic? You may have missed the boat, but you can catch up – no doubt about it! It’s worth the effort, too. According to an industry report from Wayfair, Pinterest referrals spend 70% more than visitors referred from non-social channels, including search.  We find that Pinterest quickly becomes a top traffic-referrer for our clients. With over 80% of pins being repins, it doesn’t get more innately viral than Pinterest. 

Let’s look at some of the common ways people miss the point of Pinterest, and how you can turn it around.

1. It’s All About You

This mistake is by no means unique to Pinterest. In fact, sharing only brand-specific content is a very common rookie move on every platform. Pinterest IS a great way to drive traffic to your site, so by all means, share your own content with links back to website pages and blog posts. But, inherent in every social network is the need to BE social and useful. Share relevant content that is of value or interest …

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How Some Smart Veterinarians are Using Pinterest

Maybe you’re already convinced that Pinterest is a good fit for your veterinary practice or other small local business, and you even have a few tips in mind for getting started. Still, it always helps to see what others have done! Let’s take a look at some of the intrepid veterinarian Pinterest pioneers – and how they’re using this fun social media platform. We hope you’ll be inspired!

Newport Beach Veterinary Hospital

One to look at is Newport Beach Veterinary Hospital. They participate in some group boards, which is a fabulous way to boost exposure. However, it seems a lost opportunity that their profile image doesn’t include a cute image of an animal; nor is their account description complete.

Their “Cats” board is really cute – mostly funny and adorable photos with a “how to” video as well.  The board description is not filled in, and the board title could be more compelling. Maybe something like, “Cute Cats” …

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Pinterest for Veterinarians – Tips for Getting Started

Use Pinterest to capture the “Aww” factor and you’re on your way to more website traffic and a thriving veterinary practice.

If you’re just getting started, you might wonder how you’ll ever get beyond your first few followers to the point where people are finding your website and office because of the photos you share. We can help – read on!

Getting People to Follow Your Pinterest Boards

Share adorable, pinnable images.   Try to use images around 735px wide, because that’s how large it will appear when expanded. If the image is too small, it might appear blurry (we pin images 500px wide with no problem). The height can be whatever you like, but the taller the better because longer images take up more room in the feed and are therefore harder to miss!

Follow other Pinterest boards. Not only will this give you great material to repin, but they may return the favor and follow you! Repin images from their boards and comment on and favorite pins. This is often the best way to get the attention …

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Pinterest for Veterinarians – A Natural Fit!

Looking for a way to drive more traffic, leads and customers to your veterinary practice website? Have you considered Pinterest? Pinterest has proven to be an incredible driver of traffic, and done properly, it can take online marketing for your vet practice to new heights!

Why Pinterest is Great for Veterinarians

Think about your customers. Who are they? Likely overwhelmingly female, well educated, middle-income moms, right?

This fits the Pinterest demographic perfectly. With approximately 80 million users, 80% of whom are female, the largest segment of whom have a household income of $75K or higher, these are your customers!

And lest you think your small-town practice doesn’t stand a chance – suburban internet users are more likely to use Pinterest than their urban counterparts.

Then there’s your subject matter. Who doesn’t love sharing images of adorable animals, inspiring pet stories and videos of the funny things our furry friends do? Your material makes you an absolutely perfect fit for Pinterest.

Looking at what is popular in Pinterest now, you’ll see a lot of fashion, quotes and …

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#Canva - changing design for good!

Canva: Changing Design for Good

We heart Canva.

Update: We double-heart Canva. They read my post and sent over a link I can share with all of you to give you instant access PLUS $10 in free credits. What are you waiting for?

For years, we looked with envy at the professional graphics others used, making due with our less-than inspired images for our own site – until one day, Canva appeared and changed everything!

Even if you are a bit of a designer and worry about the lack of flexibility in an online tool (and yes, there is some here), think of the time you could save!

With templates, images, elements, text holders and even fun “dress up” items like glasses, hats and mustaches, you can have a lot of fun on Canva while creating graphics that are going to make you look really good.  If you purchase images from Canva, they’re just $1. Upload your own, or create something with just free elements and it’s completely free!

I asked one of our community managers, Tina, to tell us why she …

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Images make readers happy. Happy readers means more website traffic. via @scalablesocial

How Images Get More Traffic to Your Blog

Four year old Natalie picks up a book, sits down on the couch with her teddy and her mom and snuggles in for a story.

The second the book is opened, however, she’s howling for an old favorite, instead. How come? It looks like Mom dared to try to read her a story from a book without pictures!

Few of us would have such a public reaction. Yet, admit it; you have judged a book by its cover AND  by the images (or lack thereof) inside. Why? Is it because you’re lazy? Hate to read? Not at all! Humans are, and always have been stimulated by all things visual. It’s simply our nature.

Blogging to Give People What They Want

What does Natalie love in a book? Fun characters, a good story line and really great pictures! You probably spent hours creating a content strategy before you started writing. You thought about your potential customers and what their needs, challenges, and questions are. Then you figured out how you fill those need and answer those questions with your products, services …

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How Realtors and Designers Can Use Pinterest to Promote Their Businesses

With over 70 MILLION users, Pinterest has become the third most popular social network of our day. Over a quarter of these users have an annual household income of $100,000 or more. Sixty nine percent of users report that they’ve found an item they have purchased or want to purchase (compared to 40% on Facebook).

All well and good you say, “but I sell homes (or home staging and design) – no one is going to buy that online.” No? What if we told you that The number one category on Pinterest is “Home”? That’s an awful lot of people pinning dream homes, gardens, paint colors, bedroom decor, curtains, DIY tips and on and on!

Not on Pinterest yet? Download our free ebook – it will walk you through getting started and even give you some great tips for success. Then come back and read on for more tips specifically for you!

What Should I Pin?

Oh, you lucky pinner! So many fabulous options. Some are pretty obvious: homes for sale, interior views, your blog posts. Others allow you to …

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Is Pinterest delivering the sales and leads you expected? #Pinterest

Is Pinterest Really Generating Leads and Sales for You?

Pinterest is a huge traffic driver. No one disputes that. It’s fun, it’s visual and it can really help build brand recognition. It’s also a great driver of ecommerce traffic, with 70% of users reporting that they go to Pinterest looking for items to buy. But, is Pinterest bringing in sales for you? Is it possible to know?

Easy Ways to Tell if Pinterest is Generating Leads and Sales for Your Business

We’re all for keeping things simple.  We use HubSpot for most of our online marketing, and the software makes it so simple to see where our leads and new customers come from.

Tracking Leads from Pinterest

If you’re not using HubSpot or other tracking system, you can still use Google Analytics (assuming you have it set up on your website) to track leads from Pinterest (or anywhere else). Here’s how:

Set up all contact forms and download submission forms to redirect to  ”Thank You” pages after submission (this is good practice, anyway). Each form …

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Time to do some #Pinterest Housekeeping?

Pinterest Boards – Time for Some Housekeeping?

Your business’ Pinterest profile is complete and you’ve started pinning, repinning and commenting. You’re probably seeing new followers and repins every day.

If you’re like me (a free-spirited pinner), you may find yourself creating new boards on-the-fly, or as-you-pin.  While this is very convenient, it can leave you with a board with no description, no keywords and no category. The horror!

True Pinterest Confessions

In preparation for this post, I did a quick review of our Pinterest boards and found more than one without a description or category. It’s just so easy to get caught up in pinning and forget to go back and organize, but we must!

Why You Need Pinterest Board Descriptions and Categories

Ever browsed by category? You need to assign one before your pins and boards show up. Want to build SEO and get more traffic to your boards, pins and site? You need keywords in your board descriptions and names.

Plan for an Organized Pinterest Account

It’s really best to plan out what boards you would like …

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