Pinterest Messaging - is there a marketing use for this new feature? via @scalablesocial

Pinterest Messaging – Can it be Used for Marketing?

So, yesterday, I published a blog post on sending pins as a messaging tactic because it seemed an under-utilized feature. Hours later, Pinterest released Pinterest Messaging, and the whole (Pinterest-obsessed) world was abuzz.  Check out the video to see what it’s about:

Basically, now you can send a pin and start a conversation! Previously, you could send a message with a pin, but it just went to the recipient’s email, and there was really no way for them to respond. I know I missed pins, and the reason I know I missed them is that when I updated my Pinterest app for iPad, there was one waiting for me from four days ago!

Not only could I see it, I could (and did) send a reply. Awesome!

When you update your smartphone or tablet app, or log out and back in on desktop, you’ll see it – it’s a new option alongside notifications. Something else I love is that when you have an active conversation on …

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Should businesses use the send a pin feature on Pinterest for marketing? via @scalablesocial

Pinterest “Send a Pin” – A Good Way to Stand Out?

Pinterest is growing up. With about 53 million active monthly users in the US and advertising opening up to all businesses any minute now, it’s starting to get the attention and respect it deserves. Guided search and an ever-improving user experience make its proponents some of the most loyal of any social network.

There’s one feature that’s been around for over a year but doesn’t get a whole lot of love – send a pin. To send a pin, just hover over one until the little paper airplane button appears. Click that then enter a message if you want and choose the person you wish to receive the pin. You must be following each other for this to work. That’s it!!

When you receive a pin, it appears in your notifications and you’ll get a notification on your mobile device.

Is There a Business or Marketing Use for Sending Pins?

Maybe! The idea hit me the other day when a friend and co-worker sent a pin to me from a business account she works. It was …

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The five deadly sins of Pinterest for Business by @mcngmarketing for @scalablesocial

5 Deadly Mistakes that Businesses Make on Pinterest

In the ever changing world of small business, it’s challenging to keep up with all the different digital marketing channels that are out there. It seems that as soon as you start to master one, like inbound marketing or blogging, you then have to worry about Facebook. Now with the visual social media revolution taking place, Pinterest is becoming a powerhouse.

While it’s easy to look at all the glorious case studies of companies that are doing it right, like Petplan insurance who was able to increase requested quotes by 12.5% using Pinterest, it’s just as valuable to look at the mistakes that businesses are making so  you don’t fall into the same trap.

Why? Because your time to your business is valuable, and if I can prevent future headaches, then I know I’ve done my job.

As you read this article, you’re going to know five deadly mistakes that businesses make with Pinterest.

Deadly Mistake #1: Not Linking Your Uploaded Pins

Honestly, this …

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Pinterest, we need a way to organize followers and filter our feeds! via @scalablesocial

Dear Pinterest – You Know I Love You, But – LISTS, PLEASE!

No big news – I’m a Pinterest nut. Why? Because it works to bring in traffic and leads AND it is fun. Sometimes too fun. Hours melt away like soft serve on a summer’s day. But I digress (much like I do on Pinterest). Pinterest has one glaring flaw, and we’d like it addressed. When I say “we,” I mean me, Pinstagram Guy, Adam Hutchins, and countless others (we hope you will add your names in the comments).

Pinterest is all grown up – it works great and soon everyone will be able to use promoted pins. We love you enough to give you our MONEY, and that is saying something! But there’s this ONE thing!

No, it’s not the comment system, although, it would be nice if we could comment without opening the pin. It’s not the way tagging doesn’t always work, although that can be annoying, too. It’s not even the way I wish I could “like” a comment. It’s something much more fundamental and limiting.

Pinterest – We Need A Way to Organize …

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How to use #Pinterest to market your local business. via @scalablesocial

Can Pinterest Work For Local Businesses?

Faster than a speeding bullet for lead generation, able to leap traffic generation records in a single bound! Yes, Pinterest, when done right, can be the Superman of inbound marketing. But, is it a good investment for a local business? It just might be!

The Challenge of Pinterest for Local Businesses

The beauty of Pinterest is that it allows us to dream. We collect dream boards that let us believe that one day we will be the sort of fit, beautifully-dressed, perfect parents with the coolest car and most perfectly-decorated house (or three). We’ll cook the most gorgeous meals and throw the best parties. We’ll learn to make a home out of corn cobs and live on nothing but bean sprouts and swamp water in case of an emergency.

The challenge for local businesses is that, when you post lovely images, people from anywhere can pin. They can click through to your site. They can even download some free content from your site and become a lead. But if you have a produce market in Wilmington, NC and your lead …

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So many men just don't get Pinterest. I think I can help.

“I Just Don’t Get Pinterest” – Signed, Most American Men

Dear “Men,”

I know. You probably think you just don’t have the right combination of chromosomes for Pinterest. I’ve even told you that in jest.

Still, you have this nagging feeling that you’re missing out on something – and you are. If you’re in business, you’re missing out on traffic, leads and sales. Personally, you’re missing out on a fantastic tool for organizing all of your favorite things AND for coming up with some of THE best ways to make the ladies in your life happy. We’re talking major points here.

Still not convinced? Let’s look at Pinterest as something other than the wedding dress, recipe, home decor, fashion destination you are thinking of. Pinterest is a way to find inspiration, store ideas for easy recall, and get insight into the mysterious women in your life. Sounding better? Good.

This morning, I listened to the very first “Oh So Pinteresting” podcast with Cynthia Sanchez. She mentioned that the incredible disparity in the number of American women using Pinterest compared to the number of American women using Pinterest (80% …

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Find Pinterest group boards that work.

Pinterest Group Boards Directory – Finally!

Participating in and hosting your own Pinterest group boards is one of the fastest ways to grow your following and get more eyes to your content and more viewers to your website. But, for a long time, if you Googled “Pinterest Group Boards Directory,” all you’d get is a bunch of posts confirming what you already knew – there weren’t any!

So, you’d just have to search for your category or keyword, look for group boards and then check out their stats to see if they were worth joining. No more! Now we have TWO Pinterest group board directories to choose from.


One day I was lamenting about the lack of a good directory and someone turned me on to Pingroupie. Eureka! Twenty-nine thousand group Pinterest boards, easily filtered and sorted. They post their criteria right on the page, “Minimum criteria for group boards: 5 collaborators AND 50 pins AND 250 followers.” So you know you’re not going to waste time on sleepy little boards with …

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Pinterest Guided Search – What Marketers Should Do Now

Last night, social media sweetheart Pinterest announced a new feature – guided search. It’s only on mobile, and only for US English-speaking users right now, but if that is you – try it! I only got half way through the video before I had to go try it myself.

What this means is that next time you search for “smoothies” you can add “recipes” “for weight loss” or  “detox” (among others) to your search, narrowing results to exactly what you want. If you choose one interest filter and it’s not what you want, you don’t have to go back, you can just select a different one, or add more until your search is as narrow as you want it! Still, Pinterest is about discovery, not just targeted search, so, as the Pinterest blog states, they’re “leaving a little room for serendipity” in the results.

With 750 million boards and 30 BILLION pins, it certainly was time for a new way to search. Check it out:

What Marketers Should Do to Benefit from Pinterest Guided Search

Obviously it’s …

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Pinterest Contests – a Warning from the FTC

Pinterest Contests were once the wild, wild west. Pretty much anything went. “Pin it to win it”? Sure! “Pin this contest rules image”? Why not?! But, as Pinterest has matured, so has its contest rules. Even more noteworthy, the FTC is starting to scrutinize contests on Pinterest.

Most of the rules published on Pinterest’s own site seem to have the goal of keeping Pinterest from becoming a spammy mess. I think we can all get behind that.

The “Don’t require people to add Pins from a selection,” rule has given rise to many questions. Does that mean you can’t require that entrants pin from your boards or website? Consensus is that you can suggest they pin from your site or boards, but not require that they pin one specific image.

The “don’t call it a “Pin it to win it” contest” rule may just be an attempt to protect their branding. What do you think?

Below the list of “Don’ts,” however, is a notice that is easy to overlook. “If you use Pinterest as part of a contest or …

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Why Content Marketers Love Pinterest

If you’re already using Pinterest to drive more traffic and leads to your business website, you’re probably already a little in love with it. I know I am! There are so many reasons, but here are a few I’m extra grateful for today.

Pinterest Can Be Lead Generation Magic

The initial benefit we saw was an increase in website traffic – lots of it. Last month, in fact, one of our customers got nearly as much traffic from Pinterest alone as from all other organic sources, including Google. Take a moment to look at your analytics and imagine doubling your organic traffic just by using Pinterest. It can happen!

But, at first we struggled with lead generation. Would it be enough to justify the one to two hours a week we dedicate to Pinterest?

Well, I’m happy to report that we’re starting to see the amazing lead generation potential of Pinterest on the accounts we manage as well. Last month, one of our client’s Pinterest leads accounted for 42% of all leads!

It’s true, you have to find …

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