Why would ANYONE pay me to Tweet for them? If my Dad asked, you might wonder, too!

Why Would Anyone Pay Someone to Use Twitter on Behalf of Their Business?

“Why would anyone pay you to tweet for them?” My wonderful dad, who was extremely intelligent and infinitely proud of me, just didn’t understand. He was a chemist, so Twitter was way outside the scope of what he needed to know, but I find that even those in sales don’t always see the value in Twitter.

For myself, I can tell you I’ve gotten work some of the best (and still ongoing) work from a simple Tweet. I’ve found guest bloggers and made great work/personal connections on Twitter. Just yesterday I was invited to speak at an upcoming conference on visual marketing because of an exchange on Twitter.  So, there is value in Twitter. But, back to dear old Dad’s question – “Why would anyone pay me to tweet for them?”

What Twitter Can Do for Your Business

When we at Scalable use Twitter on behalf of a client, we uncover the goals and needs of the client and figure out how to use Twitter to advance those. Goals could include:

Increasing brand or product awareness Putting a human face …

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Quick Twitter Tip: How to create a custom share-a-link button

Quick Twitter Tip – Custom Share Link Buttons

Ever visited a website and clicked on the “Tweet” button to find it pops up a complete tweet for you, with username, too? Then when you send the tweet, it recommends you follower a certain Twitter user? I have, and I wondered how it was done! You can certainly use a plugin for WordPress to install a “tweet this” button on every page, but the customization is limited. Though some, like the one I use, do put in the page title, URL and add our username, when you really want everything just so – with a custom hashtag and a “we recommend you follow” extra, there is no substitute for Twitter’s own button builder. To create your very own, visit Twitter’s Resources page for buttons. Choose “Share a link” and many customization options will appear. You can see a preview that is updated quickly with each chosen customization, so it’s easy to see how your choices will impact the final result.

Share URL “use the page URL” is a good choice if you want to put this button …

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For Increased Social Media Sharing, Try These “Magic” Words

Give your content its best chance at success by working these terms into your updates whenever it makes sense to do so.

Thanks to QuickSprout for the awesome infographic. It goes without saying that you can easily overdo it. Gaming the system never works for long, so keep it real!

Facebook Words to Try for Comments Likes and Shares: 

post would submit when warns should discount inspires where should take tell us comment* amuses deals

“Discount,” “deals”, “warns,” “inspires,” and “amuses” shouldn’t surprise us a bit. Studies show that many people like Facebook business pages for discounts and deals, and Facebook users do enjoy a good horror story, uplifting account, or funny cat video. The inclusion of “post” suggests that you should expressly mention it if you’re sharing one of your blog posts. Give that a try.

* Take care when using “comment.” Facebook recently changed its algorithm to discourage “like-baiting,” described as asking readers to like, comment, or share in an attempt to artificially inflate reach.  Facebook elaborates, “This update will not impact Pages …

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Messages in a bottle are so romantic - but they don't work well on Twitter!

Message in a Bottle? Not on Twitter, Please!

This morning, I was distracted from what I SHOULD have been doing by a story on NPR. It seems the oldest known “message in a bottle” has been found in the Baltic Sea after over 100 years bobbing aimlessly. It didn’t go far, though – it was found close to the spot where 20-year-old Richard Platz tossed it back in 1913. You can read the story here.

Sadly, the bulk of the writing has been obscured by damage from time and moisture, but still, it’s pretty cool, right?!

So, what’s the connection with Twitter?

When you toss Tweets out at random, with no direction and no intended recipient, they could go unnoticed for a hundred years or more (that’s 100 “Twitter years” – probably equal to about 6 hours :)). If someone does stumble upon it in a search later, the content might be completely lost due to lack of context or focus.

Sometimes it’s fun to just “throw something out there” and see if anyone responds. I’ve done this on …

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How Twitter Took The Gold at the Sochi Olympics

Face Water, Medals, & Eyeballs: How Twitter Took the Gold in Sochi

The social media platform Twitter played a special role in disseminating information in real time from Sochi, Russia, site of the 2014 Olympic Winter Games. Journalists, athletes, and spectators used tweets to showcase both the high and low points of the Sochi experience.

Because Twitter limits posts to 140 characters (with a bit of leeway given for URLs), the posts from the Olympics have been pithy, engaging, and informative.

Behind the Scenes

From the moment journalists began arriving in Sochi, they shared observations and photos of their questionable hotel accommodations and public facilities. Many of these tweets point out a lack of preparation and inadequate infrastructure for the games. The hashtag #SochiProblems has emerged as a way for Twitter users to join this particular conversation.

Storify has a robust collection of #SochiProblems tweets that include photos of non-private toilets, peach-colored tap water (forcing people to use bottled water to wash their faces), and uncovered manholes on sidewalks. People around the world read and shared these tweets on mobile devices, tablets, laptops, and desktop computers, causing them …

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Learn to use Twitter for business! via @scalablesocial Read more at http://scalablesocialmedia.com/2013/11/twitter-getting-started-business

How to Get Started on Twitter – For Your Business

Thinking about using Twitter for your business, but not sure how to to get started? You’ve come to the right place! First, a little encouragement and motivation for you:

Why We Love Twitter for Business – The Business Reasons

When used well, Twitter can make money for your business. Not only can you drive traffic to your site, but you can increase leads, nurture leads, network with business partners, build your email lists and offer loyalty-building exceptional customer service. Read all about Twitter’s money-making potential. What’s not to love?

Why We Love Twitter for Business – The Personal Reasons

I love Twitter. There, I said it. It’s fast, responsive, and simple. I get to “talk” to people on Twitter who would never have time for me in real life (I once tweeted something about #ParksandRec and ended up in a little conversation with the film crew members – woo hoo!). It’s easy to learn and use – so easy in fact, that even without knowing all of the features, you can still find it useful and fun.

It’s a great …

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How Can #Twitter Make Money For My Business?

Twitternomics – How Can Twitter Make Money for my Business?

Can Twitter really make money for your business? This one is similar to the biggest question my late father had about my work, “People PAY you to Tweet?” Haha. Yes, Dad, they do – but it’s not that simple. I was happy to have the chance to show him why businesses do pay for help with Twitter – effectively using Twitter really CAN make money for your business!

The strategies and techniques for building a business with Twitter are similar to general suggestions on how to monetize social media, but the potential benefits, mindset and mechanics of each platform differ somewhat. So, how do Tweets, Retweets, Mentions and Follows turn in to increased business profits?

Twitter Generates Targeted Website Traffic

Sharing your blog post links with relevant and intriguing updates brings to your site people who want to know about your products, services, or information.

Pro Tip: Have your followers help spread the word for more visitors. Using hashtags increases the chances of a Retweet by …

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Seven Ways to Open the Floodgates of #Twitter Followers - Crowd Rushing Lobby

Twitter Followers – Seven Ways to Get More for your Business

Were you aware that @CNN has over twelve million Twitter followers? Access like that can’t be bought (well, it can, but here’s why you shouldn’t buy Twitter followers), but there are concrete ways your business can systematically build a bigger, deeper list of real followers.

Maybe 12,000,000 followers is a bit of a lofty goal, but what about 1,000 or even 100,000? Here are a few things you can do to help build your business’ Twitter readership without spending a fortune:

1. Follow, Follow, Follow

Really. It’s that easy. Up to a certain point, following at random can get you a lot of traction. At first, try and choose whom you follow based on whom you think makes sense: if you’re a record company follow the types of artists you like, for example. Remember to aim low (don’t just focus on celebrities and huge brands) and to keep your Followers-to-Following ratio around 1:3 if you can help it to avoid SPAM alerts.

2. Tweet @ People

It’s amazing how many …

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Twitter Card Issues

Twitter Card Errors and How to Fix Them

Yesterday we talked about how great Twitter Cards are for your brand and we even walked you through how to set them up for your site. You may notice, though, when you click on the “View summary” of some Tweets, that one or the other of the fields is a little “off”. You may also notice some sites (yours, maybe?) where some of the tweets show the card and some do not. Or, maybe you didn’t get that far because you’re still trying to validate your code and get approved, but you get a server error or timeout error?

Let me say right here – I don’t have all the answers! My own cards are still a little glitchy. However, I do have some suggestions and will be watching the forums for more solutions. Also, the potential benefits outweigh the annoyances!

Twitter cards for everyone is new, so there are bound to be some hiccups. I’ll share my issues and any solutions I have found. Plus …

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Twitter Cards on WordPress Printscreen

Twitter Cards – What are they, and how do I set them up?

Starting in June of 2012, Twitter started rolling out a new feature – Twitter Cards. Now they seem to be available to all users. What are they, how do you set them up, and why bother?

Twitter Cards – What Are They?

Strangely named, Twitter Cards aren’t really cards at all. Rather, they generate a “View summary” or “View Photo” link below a tweet (see photo). When a user clicks, they’ll see more information about the linked article in the tweet. There are several different versions, but mostly you’ll see the default “summary card” which includes: title, description, thumbnail, and Twitter account attribution for that web page. Here are your other options:

Large Image Summary Card: Similar to a Summary Card, but offers the ability to prominently feature an image. Photo Card: A Tweet sized photo card. Gallery Card: A Tweet card geared toward highlighting a collection of photos. App Card: A Tweet card for providing a profile of an application. Player Card: A Tweet sized video/audio/media player card. Product Card: A Tweet …

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