Get Twitter Followers Fast

Get Twitter Followers Fast! Should I try it?

We understand. Getting thousands of followers on Twitter in a matter of weeks feels really good. You feel popular. If this is your business account, maybe your boss is really happy and thinks you are doing a great job.

But don’t do it.

No, really. Don’t.

“Get Twitter Followers Fast!” is a Losing Proposition, Why?

Sure, we all want our message to get out – to as many people and as fast as possible. So, how could a shortcut to that aim be a bad thing?

Schemes to get Twitter followers fast range from the clear rule breakers (buying followers) to the “just barely within the rules” of sites where you exchange follows  or pay for “seeds” to promote your handle to more viewers. In fact, last year, Twitter took some pretty big name tool providers (TweetAdder and more) to court. In TweetAdder’s case, they changed their program to disable auto follows and follow-back, auto @mention,s and auto ReTweets and they now comply with the rules.

The rules on spam are continually evolving as spammers get smarter. …

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To Hash or Not to Hash – The #Hashtag Predicament

Update – Hashtag functionality is rolling out to Facebook users as of June 11th. But we’re keeping the meme – because we like it.

Hashtags have become increasingly popular on social media sites. Maybe too popular. “Stop The OverUse of Hashtags” and “I Hate Hashtags” are two of the many Facebook pages created by annoyed fans. It feels as though Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest users alike need a reminder on the purpose of hashtags.

This raises the questions: To hash or not to hash? Should businesses stop using hashtags altogether? What’s an appropriate use of hashtags? What makes a good hashtag?

What is a Hashtag?

Hashtags are words or phrases that begin with the # sign (example: #flowers).  They can be a useful tool for marking keywords and topics. How do they work?

Using hashtags correctly will boost your Search Engine Optimization (SEO), which impacts your brand’s visibility in search engines. SEO is crucial for businesses to grow their audience, sell their products and increase their brand influence. Hashtags used appropriately will isolate keywords or topics …

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Name Tag - Peer Pressure & Social Media

How do You Measure Up? Peer Pressure & Social Media

You put great effort in to marketing your business. You design logos, websites and establish social media platforms. You spend time blogging and tweeting, in the hope of developing a loyal fan following. Blood, sweat and sometimes even tears, are shed getting your business off the ground.

And then it happens. Browsing through your feed a business page catches your eye. You click on it, maybe to check out the competition or gain some inspiration. Immediately your good mood disappears.  Their logo is designed at epic levels, their products are trendy and fun, they have a million followers (or at least it feels that way compared to your 200) and fans are raving about how wonderful they are.

Don’t pretend it hasn’t happened to you. In an instant, you’ve lost your social media identity.

Peer Pressure and Social Media

What you felt may not have been envy, but inadequacy. Left unchecked it’s just not healthy. Experts call it “yardsticking,the impulse to privately …

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How to Host a #Tweetchat

Tweetchat Hosting in Ten Easy Steps

Now that you know how to participate in a Tweet Chat, perhaps you are ready to host one yourself. It is a great way to share your expertise, learn from others and make connections. It’s also pretty simple to do!

Choose Your Tweet Chat Subject

Are you getting the same questions from your customers and prospects over and over? Is there a new platform everyone wants to know how to use?  Participate in some Tweetchats to get a feel for what kinds of subjects do well (or not). Check out this list of the 12 Most Stimulating Twitter Chats.  Read the comments on that article for more suggestions. You can also ask your followers and fans what they’d like to discuss.

Will you be hosting the tweetchat just this once, or are you hoping to make it a regular event? Either way, make sure you keep the themes relevant to your business. For example, the Social Solutions Collective () hosts a chat nearly every Monday night at …

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Dazzle Diva Reaches Celebrity Status Thanks to Social Media

“Dazzle Diva” has quickly escalated to a household name in the state of Maine. That’s easy to do when Snooki’s baby Lorenzo sports your product on the cover of People magazine. So how did this single mom, working from home, find herself in demand with hot celebrities? Social media.

How Social Media Propelled The Dazzle Diva

When Laurie Hale started out back in 2002 she was a woman with a passion – a passion for bling. Laurie uses genuine Swarovski crystals to add sparkle to anything you can imagine.

“I started making items 16 years ago when I had my daughter. There were so many beautiful items out there and I just could not afford the high cost. I used to see these accessories and say to myself “I can make this.” When I would take my daughter out, people wold stop me and ask where I got the items.” This was only the beginning of great things for The Dazzle Diva.

Laurie started using MySpace and Ebay to market her brand, but it was Twitter that gave …

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Tweetchats – What are they? Why try them?

Tweetchats are a simple way to have a group discussion on Twitter. They don’t require video, audio or any special equipment.  You don’t need a password, and anyone with a  Twitter account and a hashtag can join.

Why Tweetchat?

Twitter chats are fabulous for networking. Find like-minded people in your industry as well as those who will challenge you (nicely) for a lively discussion!

Have a burning question? The right Tweetchat can help you find answers.

Looking for someone with a certain expertise? You may find them in your next tweetchat.

Want to share your expertise? When done properly (see “etiquette” below), you may even end up with new customers.

Twitter chats can also help you gain more followers.  Don’t go into it looking for a follow exchange, however! Share your knowledge and be yourself and you’ll attract a valuable following of people who are actually interested in you and the work you do.

How Do Tweetchats Work?

Note: If the tweetchat you are attending is very active, it is easy to lose track of the conversation and miss tweets. …

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Using Twitter’s New Profile Options

Recently,  Twitter announced new custom designed profiles, as well as revamped iPad, iPhone & iPad Touch apps.

The fact that Twitter has jumped on the bandwagon of image-first profiles adds weight to just how important images are in conjunction with your business’ presence.  Let’s look at how we can make the most of it.

Using the New Twitter Profile Header Image

Activating your new header is simple. Whether you are using a PC, or already taking advantage of the new iPhone and iPad apps, you will want to start with your settings tab. Click on the tab and choose “design.” Here you find the option to create your header and photo avatar. When choosing your image(s) keep in mind the following:

Your header image will be the best quality at  1252×626, but will be resized to 520×260. You have a maximum file size of 5MB. Your image must be larger than 700 pixels wide for image quality. Twitter will automatically float and center your profile image. Don’t try to change the layout – you can’t. The header image serves …

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The LinkedIn & Twitter Breakup – Who Benefits?

On July 2, 1012, after nearly three years of partnership, LinkedIn and Twitter parted ways – for the most part.  In the past, users could send all Tweets to LinkedIn as updates – but no more!  Strangely, Twitter will still publish your LinkedIn updates of you want.  Well, maybe it’s not so strange when you consider the perceived motivation for the switch.

Unlike some other social networks (LinkedIn will still allow their updates to auto-post to Twitter), Twitter seems determined to make users come right to its own platform.  Why?  It’s about the money, of course – and more specifically about their goal to have $1 Billion in revenue by 2014.

So, what’s a business to do?

If you use a service such as HootSuite, you can add your LinkedIn profile AND company page and then easily schedule updates.  Or, you can visit LinkedIn and update your personal an company account status manually. You may find this method encourages you to interact more frequently with your contacts on LinkedIn, which …

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Use Email Signatures to Get more Google Plus, Facebook Page and Twitter Followers

Encourage more “likes” and follows by including a link to your Facebook Page and Twitter account in every Email you send out.  Adding your link to a Facebook or Twitter icon will increase the number of clicks you receive.  Feel free to use our images at the end of the article.

Not sure what your Facebook Page URL is?  Go to your page.  Ours is: .

Your Twitter link will look something like ours:

Here’s how to add an Email signature in one of many popular Email programs:


Go to Tools>Options>Mail Format and click the “Signatures” button. If you use Outlook for more than one mail account, select the one that will use your new signature. Enter your text. To add an image, click on the button and choose an image from your computer. To add a link, select the text or image to be linked, then click on the Read More