Lead Nurturing – How Does it Work? [Video]

You probably understand that when people download content from your site, sign up for a webinar, ask to be added to your email list, or otherwise contact you, you can gather some information about them and they become leads. But, how do you bring a person from that point to a place where they are ready to pick up the phone and call or are ready to accept and even welcome a call from you?

Let’s watch the process from the perspective of your future client. Though the specifics in this video would work for a health and wellness counselor, the principles apply to nearly any business.

Do you have questions about how this could work for your particular business? Please share below or contact me.  I’m happy to help.

How to Upload and Optimize a YouTube Video (scalablesocialmedia.com) Create Your Own $140 Video & Photography Studio (scalablesocialmedia.com) Set up a YouTube Channel that Gets Noticed (scalablesocialmedia.com) How to Like Yourself on Video (scalablesocialmedia.com)

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How to Create a Video Studio for $140

Create Your Own $140 Video & Photography Studio

A couple weeks ago, I was talking to a smart marketing guy at HubSpot, and he said, “You know, I can tell from talking to you that you are really passionate about what you do, but I couldn’t tell that from looking at your website. You need to be on video.”

Groan!  Personal issues aside, where would I find it in the budget to set up a video recording studio? Sure, I could do a screen capture and a webcam shot, but I thought looking and sounding my best might make the process easier.

After spending some time on Wistia, I figured out what I needed for a basic setup. Though they have a very fun video on creating a lighting setup for $100, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to do some online shopping – just in case I could find it cheaper and easier (I do love a bargain!). What I found was that, computer, phone and software aside, I could create the entire setup …

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How to upload and optimize YouTube videos via @scalablesocial

How to Upload and Optimize a YouTube Video

When your video is ready for YouTube, your work is only half done. Now it’s time to get that image on YouTube and make sure you have the best possible chance of it being viewed by many people.  Uploading a video is simple. Just log in to YouTube and click on “Upload”. Navigate to the video and upload it!

Now comes the fun part. Because YouTube doesn’t know how to “read” your video to use it in search results, you’ll need to tell it what your video is about.

Optimizing a YouTube Video

Under uploads, select Video Manager and then click Edit under the video you just uploaded. From here, you’ll want to:

Enter a Title

Using words people might use to search for your video (keywords), briefly describe the video in 100 characters or less. Make it compelling, but accurate. No one likes to be tricked into watching. Good example: “How to optimize YouTube videos for search.” Bad example: “Awesome movies get watched.” Worse example: the …

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How to Create a Great YouTube Channel

How to Set Up a YouTube Channel That Gets Noticed

With over 1 billion unique users each month, YouTube is a powerhouse social network that many smart companies are leveraging for success. The second largest search engine on the planet, YouTube is perfectly positioned to send qualified visitors to your website and blog, armed with more information and closer to making a sales decision than visitors from other search engines or direct traffic. So, how do you get started with YouTube? Create your business channel, and make it great! Here’s how:

Make sure you’re signed in to YouTube. Go to All my channels. If you want to make a YouTube channel for a Google+ page that you manage, you can choose it here. Otherwise, click Create a new channel. Fill out the details to create your new channel.

If you’re creating a new channel with a new Google+ page, the image you upload as a profile image will serve as your YouTube AND Google+ page profile image. It must be at least 250x250px.

1. Channel name

Your channel name will appear across the site in …

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How to Like Yourself on Video or in Podcasts

The other day my attention was diverted (as it often is) by a compelling graphic in a Facebook update, along with this bold statement:

“If you’re avoiding video because watching and hearing yourself on video is pure torture, I have good news for you . . . You CAN learn to LOVE yourself on video!”

Hmmm, that seems HIGHLY unlikely to me.  Yet, I knew I needed to listen.  You can listen to the recorded call at http://bit.ly/VNd6Nl.

Why Use Video and Podcast?

In all my years of web design and social media work, I have recorded exactly ONE podcast and ONE video. Both caused me extreme anxiety and preparatory angst.  Even now, I cannot stand to listen to or watch them Yet, they both have provided more exposure and quality leads than all my blogging combined.  Ugh, so that means I need to do it more.

So, this phone call did provide some useful insights and tips. I took notes.  Lots of them. …

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How to Upload an Audio File to YouTube

Combine audio and image files simply, for a format you can upload to YouTube.

OK, maybe the title is a little misleading.  You can’t actually upload an .MP3 or .WAV file to YouTube.  It is very easy, however, to combine an audio file with some images and convert to an .MOV or .WMV file that is perfectly acceptable to YouTube.  Here’s How:

Windows Users:

 Download and install Windows Live Movie Maker. Open it and create a new project. Click on “Add Videos and Photos” and select the photos you want to use. Click on “Add Music” and select the WMA or MP3 audio file. Then, click on the “Project” tab and click on “Fit to music” Go to  File> Save Movie> Recommended for this project and Save.

Now you have a .wmv file that can be uploaded to YouTube.

Mac Users:

In iMovie, create a new project. Drag an image file to the project area. Drag an audio file to the project area. Adjust the image duration to that of the audio file by …

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