You’re getting great leads because of your valuable content, motivating calls to action and fabulous landing pages and you’re thrilled! Still, your sales people say that when they call, the response they get is little better than pure cold calling. What went wrong? When customers download an offer or contact you online, this is a great start, but they may not be quite ready to have a sales conversation. Spend a little time wooing them first, and you’ll find them much more receptive.

Convert more leads into customers with proven inbound marketing methods. These might include:

  • Lead Nurturing – Email messages that provide more useful information, building trust and brand recognition
  • List Segmentation – Send specific and personalized Email to targeted lists by personas, job titles, location, etc.
  • Signals – a HubSpot feature that tells you when leads return to your site
  • Social Media Monitoring and networking

The extent of the work to be done is reliant upon your goals, timeline and budget.  Depending on the aggressiveness of our plan, the time needed to make website changes and implement your lead generation plan, you could start to see results as soon as six to twelve months in.  

Please understand that just because your stated goal is “converting leads to customers,” that doesn’t mean we’ll ignore other important improvements such as increasing traffic, generating leads and keeping clients happy. But, we can certainly spend more time on converting leads to customers when you determine that is your most urgent need. You might see it as part of the inbound marketing methodology espoused by our software partner company, HubSpot:

Inbound Marketing Goal - Convert Leads to Customers

When we discuss your overall business goals, we’ll make sure we’re all on the same page with goals that are SMART:

Specific – How many new customers would you like to have from your website every month?

Measurable – How will will track the new customers coming in and their sources so we’ll know how to adjust for success?

Attainable – Based upon your budget, current traffic, lead generation and the number of sales you want to see, is this goal attainable within the projected time period?

Relevant – Does this goal address a key initiative central to your overall business goals?

Timebound – By when do you want see this increase in online sales? What will happen if you DO generate more customers and sales?  What will happen if you do NOT?


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