Customer recommendation on Facebook
“It’s been rewarding to see the ROI so quickly. Since January, our website traffic has gone up nearly 200% – in no small part because of Pinterest referrals. ”
— Tony Ortiz, North Bergen, NJ

I so enjoy working with you! :0 this is great fun! Seriously! and I love seeing our stuff looking so awesome thanks to you!
— Julie Ann Anderson, Sonoma County, California

We knew we needed to use social media as a way to expand our customer base and remind our existing customers who we are and what we do. Because our staff is small, we needed to outsource our social media.

Scalable has done a great job putting a face and personality to our company through informative and engaging (even funny) blog posts, Facebook updates, Tweets and updates to our Google Plus Business Page. It’s fun to see back-and-forth conversations. Who would have thought people would get so excited about bugs!?!

The biggest thing, though, is the excitement they have brought to our whole staff when engaging in our various community projects. I’ve never seen anything like it! With fund-raisers, food drives and other events, our staff has really become a force for good in the community and the community is paying us back with increased business and their support of our initiatives.

I would recommend Scalable Social Media to any business looking for an affordable way to boost sales and a sense of community through social media.

— Mike Story, All Safe Pest Prevention, Ocala, Florida

Alisa, this has been a very rewarding few months for me since we started with the platform. I’ve learned so much from you about how we can benefit the families that we care for everyday with the information we bring them.

I really believe the new caregiver forum that you installed is going to be a powerful tool for us that allows our mission at Home Instead to be visible in a less commercial way. It’s going to help or clients’ families adapt by having a vehicle to share and relate with others in the same position.

There have been a lot of changes since I got into my Home Instead business 10 years ago and I think social media is another one of those major changes that is carrying a significant influence over the way people buy products or decide on service providers. Our presence online will soon be unmatched and I’m excited that we are on the front side of this social media curve. Thanks again for everything you’re doing…

— Matt Cohn, Home Instead Senior Care Baton Rouge, LA

Alisa, I have learned so much through your help regarding social media just in the last 10 days alone and I am so grateful for all you have done to get me here… I can’t thank you enough for getting all this going and making this happen, really, thanks…I didn’t know what Facebook was a few weeks ago but now (thanks to Scalable) I am really getting it.
— Christian Steiner, Home Instead Senior Care Manhattan, NYC

Alisa – Thank you so much for bringing current information to our blogging efforts. The information that you present is so relevant to our marketing efforts and you make “computer-speak” very easy to understand for this “non-tech” writer!
— Sondra Wiedenfeld, Home Instead Senior Care, Houston, TX

Alisa is a creative and knowledgeable social media marketing consultant who really helped me improve both my own understanding of social media marketing and the quantity of potential customers I was able to reach and engage with my social networking. I highly recommend her services if you want to make the time and energy spent on social networking really work for you!
— Lillian Hood, LPA, LCAS-A, Wilmington, NC

Thank you Alisa. I am amazed that you were able to do as much as you have in so little time. Truly there is power in numbers. I am convinced that with Scalable Social networking on my side my competitors will not know what hit them. I look forward to an exciting future on the cutting edge with Scalable Social Networking.
— Chris Lerch, Home Instead Senior Care San Antonio, Texas