Email strategies - Five Email Messages You Should Be Sending

Building Your Email Strategy – Five Email Messages You Should Be Sending

Email strategies - Five Email Messages You Should Be SendingWondering how to be more effective with your email marketing? Now that you’ve learned how to analyze the results of your email campaigns increase your open and click-through rates, and increase social shares, it’s time to get down to email campaign strategy with five basic types of emails that you should be sending.

Email Newsletter

Your email newsletter works in much the same way as your old printed newletter used to, but it gets a much wider circulation, and allows for better tracking.  Use your newsletters to:
  • Build brand awareness – a nice reminder of who you are and what your company does for its customers.
  • Create anticipation – new products or services coming soon? Give a teaser.
  • Repurpose your content – share popular blog posts and press releases.
  • Include all sorts of content – from blog posts to white paper download links, upcoming events, offers and surveys.

The possible weakness in newsletters is that putting in a variety of content dilutes the message and call to action. They are also more likely to be sent to every one of your contacts – making for reduced targeting, which may lead to more unsubscribes and disengaged readers.

Email Digests

Email digests are the best place to repurpose your content. Great for:
  • Building brand awareness – a reminder of who you are and what you do.
  • Building credibility – show people that you are an authority in your field by sharing relevant information.
  • Sharing the most popular posts and pages over the last week or month.

Target your email digests based on the interests of your contacts.  Do you have a list of those who downloaded a Pinterest ebook? Share all your new Pinterest content with them! Catering to specific interests is the best way to keep your readers interested and moving down the lead funnel.

Stand-Alone Emails

Think of this as your “breaking news” email. Limit the content of this type of email to just one topic, with one call to action. This makes it very easy to track your results and to see if your new content is perceived by your readers as valuable. You might send out a stand-alone email when you want to share:

  • A new whitepaper or ebook,
  • New videos or webinars,
  • Discounts and offers, or
  • Customer surveys.

Transactional emails

When someone provides contact information and downloads an ebook or whitepaper, or watch a video, they often expect an email response, so give it to them! Set up either a workflow or an auto-response, so that upon download, they will get a quick “thank you” email with a link to download the material again at any time.

Lead Nurturing Email

This will likely be a series of emails.   When someone downloads content, watches a video, or attends a webinar, make sure to follow up with a series of targeted emails that will:

  • Invite them to download or watch again. Provide a simple link that doesn’t require them to enter contact information again.
  • Mention that they downloaded ________ and ask if they have had any luck implementing the ideas therein.
  • Remind them who you are and suggest other, related content they might like – make sure to link to the landing page.
  • Move them from “just looking” status to being interested in what you can do for them by providing more advanced content offers, a free demo or consultation offer.
Do you have another type of email that works well for you? Please share in the comments below!
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