Does your cover photo contain too much text? The new way to check your cover photo. Click for a downloadable .gif overlay.

Not sure if your Facebook business page cover photo follows the new rules?  As before, it must be at least 399px wide (851 x315 is ideal) and must not contain:

  •  Images with more than 20% text, which includes text in logos.

We designed a cover image checker to estimate the percentage of your cover photo comprised of text.  At the time, no one knew how Facebook was calculating 20%.  Since then, it’s been determined that Facebook “overlays” a graph with a grid comprised of 25 rectangles. You are allowed text in only 5 of them.  Here’s a downloadable image overlay with the grid on it.  It’s transparent, so you can paste it right on top of your image in any editing program.


1. Upload your image.
2. Click and drag the boxes top left to bottom right. Don’t forget to include text in logos!
3. Double-click to delete a box.
4. Refresh the page to start over.

5. Add up the percentages in all the boxes and hope they equal less than 20%!Need help creating a new Facebook cover photo for your business, or want other Facebook or social media help?  Contact us today!

* This tool is intended as a guide to help determine if your Facebook business page cover photo meets the new 20% text rule.  We make no guarantee that OUR 20% will be the same as Facebook’s 20%, but we hope it’s helpful to you!

 A Note About Facebook Ads

Facebook Ad Overlay

Facebook Ads are displayed at 100x72px and these must not contain more than 20% text. Here is a transparent image with a 20% text rule grid to check your Facebook ads. The same rules apply to images in promoted posts. Download and scale the grid to check those images.