How to Get Your Facebook Updates Seen – Understanding Edge Rank

We tried begging people to put our page in an interest list. There must be a better way!Because of  its growing popularity and ease of use, more businesses have a Facebook page than ever before. The result is a very competitive market, where your posts can get quickly pushed down the newsfeed (or never even displayed at all). So how can you get more from your Facebook page and stand out from other businesses?

Increase Your EdgeRank

This is key in being competitive with your social media page. What is EdgeRank? Put simply it’s the name Facebook has given the algorithm which they use to determine what appears in their users’ news feeds.

Still sound a bit complicated? Basically, every interaction you have with Facebook creates a piece of content known as an Edge. These interactions include: Status updates, Photos uploaded and shared, likes, even songs we listen to on Spotify. If you get right down to it, the news feed isn’t really a feed of news.  It’s actually a chart of the most ‘important’ Edges as determined by the Edge Rank Algorithm. The more “weight” the Edge the more often it will result in the news feed.

This is key to small businesses because it increases our exposure. To increase your fan base make sure you are familiar with the following 3 components of Edge Rank.


The more a fan interacts with your page, the more likely they are to see your updates!  You can see this in action on your personal profile. You may have noticed that if you consistently check out a friend’s page, they will show up more in your feed.  An important thing to remember about affinity is that it’s a one way street. Your peeking at a friend’s profile regularly will not help you show up in their news feed, nor is there any way you can force affinity between your page and your fans.

Edge Weight

Teenagers - Whispering a Secret Try to share updates that your fans simply have to like, share or comment on to increase Edge Weight!

This is might be the most important piece of the tree components for small business owners.  Higher edge weights are given to updates with likes, comments and shares.  Updates containing photos and video may also be given a higher weight.

Knowing this should change the way you update your status. When you are updating your status can you include a photo? You can get creative with this. Do you have something to say but no photo or link to attach to it? Head over to Someecards and create one that draws attention to the services and products you provide. It’s fast and you will engage more customers.

Caveat: Some Facebook Page administrators are reporting that text updates are getting better reach – that is, they are being seen by more fans than updates containing images or links. There is no consensus on this, but it is worth watching the trend and experimenting on your own page.

old clock face “Regency” is a fancy word for “Newness” so post as often as your fans like.


Regency simply means that a newer status is more likely to appear than an old one. The best way to use this tip to your advantage is to post more often. Try to update your status at least daily (some post up to five times a day with no ill effects, but watch for “unlikes” and shrinking reach – a sign some are hiding your updates).

Another way to increase your use of regency is to choose times when people are less likely to be updating their status; you will likely have a higher spot in the news feed by not having to compete with a higher volume of updates. Experiment with which times work best for you.

EdgeRank – Putting it all Together

If you update your status consistently, use a photo, video or a link and post material that people cannot help but like, share and comment on, you are using all three aspects of EdgeRank to your advantage!

In conclusion, any effort you make to step-up the quality of your page through customization is time well spent. If you combine that with understanding how to increase the weight of your post by using the three components of Edge Rank, you will grow your audience and distinguish yourself from other businesses.

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