Thumbs up - Why Your Brand Still Needs a Facebook Page

Why Your Brand Still Needs a Facebook Page – Seriously

There’s been a lot of debate surrounding the value of Facebook business pages lately. Many of the talking heads would have you believe that Facebook is a waste of time. Why?  Reach is Thumbs up - Why Your Brand Still Needs a Facebook Pagedown, and “everyone is leaving”.  You’ll get no arguments here about decreasing reach, but this first-hand account might be enough to convince you that, for many businesses, there is still value in a Facebook page.

Why Your Brand Still Needs Facebook – Lyn’s Story

Everyone loves a story, right? So let me tell you something that happened just last week to a friend of mine – it illustrates why Facebook is still a good fit for many businesses.

My friend Lyn, a nurse at the local NICU,  has a love of  needles – not work related, she’s a knitter. A couple of years ago, Lyn offered to make for me some of the many props I was buying for my small photography business, just to be nice. Here she was making all these great props for me, saving me lots of money, and often she wouldn’t even accept payment for supplies. I decided to give back by encouraging her to sell her products on Etsy and giving her a little guidance with social media.

Since I work with social media, I know the only way Lyn will succeed at selling her products is to have some sort of social exposure.  Unfortunately, Lyn had no social media experience. I’m not exaggerating here. When I say none, I mean it. In fact, when she finally conceded to having a Facebook page, she really wanted to use “oh brother” as her profile password. However, with my help, we set up a Facebook page, created a Pinterest account, and opened her Etsy shop. She sold things here and there, but as her social presence grew, something very cool happened.

Facebook Will Increase Your Sales

A couple weeks ago, we sent some of Lyn’s products off to the very talented photographer Jennifer Jayne, who had agreed to photograph them in exchange for photography props for her shoots. Jennifer sent the photos to us with a waiver allowing us to use the images on social media and Etsy. We shared some updates on Facebook that included a super cute baby girl named Charlotte wrapped in Lyn’s blanket. Jennifer also shared the photos with her large Facebook following and tagged the image, letting people know where to buy the blanket.

Newborn baby in box - Facebook page benefits

Within an hour, the little girl’s mom saw the photo, liked the page and commented on Lyn’s item. Soon followed the baby’s grandmother and aunt, all expressing their love of Lyn’s product. As you can see, one of them suggested buying it as a memento  from the newborn shoot and within 10 minutes the order came through. I kid you not, within a half hour of the post hitting Lyn’s Facebook page, the sale was made. Check out the conversation below:

photo (1)

When social media is used correctly, it benefits everyone. Jennifer gained more exposure when her work was showcased on Lyn’s page, Lyn benefited by making a sale and gaining new fans, Charlotte’s mom enjoyed seeing her baby’s photo in more places, and everyone benefited from seeing that adorable baby!

Facebook makes sharing products easy, and when others share your products, your sales go up.

Do you feel like Lyn – overwhelmed at even the mere mention of social media? Contact us today, we’ll take the stress out of social media and show you how your sales can increase by marketing your brand with social media.


Article Name
Why Your Brand Still Needs a Facebook Page – Seriously
Have you heard that Facebook isn’t worth your time as a business owner? Read this story and we think you’ll agree: many brands still find value in Facebook.

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