Pretty bold statement, but in most cases, it is 100% true!  How so?  Well, even if you are on the “Managed” plan, where we are  adding blog posts, Facebook updates, Tweets, etc., we still need you.

Here are some suggestions on how to get the most from your Social Media investment.

If you are Self-Managed:

Though you attended our New Customer Training, it has been a while, and we know how other obligations can crowd in.  Here are a few suggestions to make your blog and Social Media fabulous:

  • Posting twice a week is a good goal. Use our content library (new articles are added weekly)  All the posts can and should be localized to include local resources, events and to add your own flavor by rewriting portions of the text to be more in your own “voice” as well as to add your own insights and opinions.’
  • Every month, interview your “CAREGiver of the month” and make that one of your blog posts. Be sure to include photos!
  • Your posts will update your Facebook status and generate a tweet automatically.
  • Aim for an additional Facebook update weekly. Ideas: upcoming events, online webinars, link to articles on the 50-50 program, etc.
  • Tweet often.  Find quotes about aging, set up a Google alert and tweet about interesting news articles (shorten links by using
  • Use the “Events” app on Facebook to publicize upcoming events. Not sure how? Call us!

If you are on the Managed Plan:

While we do the legwork for you, we still need your input! In order for the blog to be a true reflection of you and your office, you can help us with the following:

  • Make weekly contact with your Community Manager.  Carolyn and Chelsey attempt to contact you each week to get a feel for what’s going on in your office.  If you are too busy to handle this, please consider asking your marketing manager to take over.  Call 800.305.9420 and dial extension 3 at anytime or send Email to or to contribute local events.
  • Don’t think you have anything to share?  Carolyn and Chelsey would love to interview you and all your CAREGivers of the month(s).  We’re also interested any time you and your staff visit any senior care facility, attend a healthcare event, sponsor a charity benefit, gala, dinner, Alzheimer’s Walk, retreat, “meet the new CAREGivers”, etc.  Your Community Manager would love to help you turn these into an amazing PR boost!

For Everyone

  • Make sure your “About Us” blog page is personalized.  Call Alisa at 800.305.9420 for a 5-minute interview that can make your “About Us” page really pop!
  • Are you using all default images on your blog’s slideshow? Having local CAREGiver/Client images is a powerful way to customize your blog.  They need to be about 572px wide.  Send them to Alisa for resizing, if desired. Release Idea: Chris Lerch of San Antonio and Houston has all new CAREGivers and Clients sign a photo release with the employee or client paperwork.
  • Are you using actual customer quotes on your blog’s header? You can add new ones easily by going to your blog’s dashboard and select “Quotes” under “Tools”.
  • Are you using a local office quote (like a mini mission statement) in your blog’s footer? Send one to Alisa@ScalableSocialMedia and add to the personal feeling of your blog.
  • Do you have a custom footer banner on your blog?  Many are using the “To us, it’s personal” image.  Adding a photo of a local landscape or landmark can increase the impression that you truly are a local business.
  • Use the Caregiver Forum. This is a great “virtual support group”.  You can subscribe to receive notification of all new posts and/or replies by logging in and clicking on “Options” at the main forum page.  You can even visit the forum and (as a pseudonym) post a question that you may get often from family caregivers.  Then you can log on as yourself and respond.  Remember, this forum and all the posts on it are shared by all of our Home Instead offices, so you never know where the questions are coming from.  Don’t assume that they are in your local area.  This is a great way to build content and momentum for our forum, as well as to add value to your blog. Questions?  Call Alisa at 800.305.9420.
  • Link to your blog, Facebook Page, Twitter Page, YouTube Channel and the Care Giver Forum on every Email you send out.  Need help?  This article gives a step-by-step for most common Email programs.  Need more help?  Call 800.305.9420 to speak with Alisa.
  • Put your Facebook Page and Twitter Page on all print advertising and business cards.  Do you still have a long trail of numbers after the name on your Facebook page (like this: ???  If you have over 25 fans, you can get rid of that in  2 simple steps. This short article will tell you how to go from that long string to something more like this:  MUCH better for adding to a business card!

If You Do Nothing Else:

  • PLEASE, Make weekly contact with your Community Manager (for those on the Managed plan).
  • Use the MyHomeCareReview site. We created this just for you and people ARE using it to research senior care services.  Add reviews manually or send people to your location’s page and ask them to leave reviews.   Need help?  Please call 800.305.9420 and speak with Alisa.
  • Put links to your website, blog, Facebook and Twitter in your Email footers.  (Get help here) . Make sure all your employees do the same.