B2B companies get 70% more leads when they blog.So, website traffic looks good and it’s going up steadily thanks to your hard work at blogging, social media, SEO and email. Still, no one is calling or emailing, and your sales team is starting to panic. What’s a business to do?

Start generating more leads with proven inbound marketing methods. These might include:

  • Content offers that appeal to your potential customers
  • Calls to action that motivate people to view your content
  • Landing Pages that encourage people to provide contact information in exchange for helpful information.

How many of each and how often depends upon your goals, timeline and budget.  Depending on the aggressiveness of our plan, the time needed to make website changes and implement your lead generation plan, you could start to see results as soon as six to twelve months in.  Our last quarter lead generation shows an increase of over 650% compared to this quarter last year! Read more about our results here.

Please understand that just because your stated goal is “generating more leads,” that doesn’t mean we’ll ignore other important improvements such as increasing traffic, nurturing leads and keeping clients happy. But, it is good to start with your most pressing need. You might see it as part of the inbound marketing methodology espoused by our software partner company, HubSpot:

Inbound Marketing Goal - Generate More Leads

When we discuss your overall business goals, we’ll make sure we’re all on the same page with goals that are SMART:

Specific – By how MANY do you want to increase leads from your website?

Measurable – How will will track the increase in leads and their sources so we’ll know how to adjust for success?

Attainable – Based upon your budget, current traffic, and specified metrics, is this goal attainable within the projected time period?

Relevant – Does this goal address a key initiative central to your overall business goals?

Timebound – By when do you want see this increase in lead generation? What will happen if you DO generate more leads?  What will happen if you do NOT?


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