Google+ Events – More than just another event listing!

Now you can publicize your events – big and small – using Google+ Events!

Google+ Events looks like a fabulous way to promote business and personal events alike.  Imagine a slideshow of your wedding photos while you are still at the reception!  We look forward to seeing the ingenious ways people utilize this great new tool.

Google Plus Events Notification Invitees receive notification and the event is visible in their feed.

Here’s How to Set Up Your Google Plus Event:

  1. Click on “Events” in your sidebar
  2. Click on “Create Event”
  3. Choose a Theme
  4. Enter a Title
  5. Enter the Date and Time
  6. Enter the Location (optional)
  7. Enter Details
  8. Invite people by Circle, Name or Email Address
  9. Under “Event Options”, “Basic” options allows you to decide if guests may invite others or add photos
  10. “Advanced Options” allow you to make this event a Google+ Hangout (online, by invitation only) or make this an event on air (everyone can see it)
  11. Click on “Show Additional Fields” to add a website URL, Ticket Seller URL, YouTube URL, and parking information
  12. Invitees get a notification and can check their Google calendar before they RSVP.

Some Great Features of Google Plus Events

Attendees can add photos to the event and view a slideshow of all the photos.  Photographers are even thanked for their contribution at the end of the slideshow.

RSVPs can be changed.

“Party Mode” can be enabled on  your guest’s phones when they view the event on their Android device.  When activated, Party Mode automatically uploads images and videos taken during the event. Party Mode is deactivated after the end time.

If you use Google+ on an iPhone or Microsoft phone, you will be emailed with  a reminder to upload your photos. If you don’t use an Android phone, you will get an Email reminding you to upload photos to the Event.

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