Google Plus Business Pages make you like Iron Man

How Google Plus Business Pages Make You Like Iron Man

Google Plus Business Pages make you like Iron ManYup, you read that right. Forgive me, but I just saw the movie “Iron Man 3” and am still swooning a bit.

When I compare Google Plus business pages to Iron Man, I’m really referring to the suit of armor as the business pages and the person inside as the business owner.

Companies and small-business owners are finding protection (and a sense of awesomeness) in being able to separate their social media channels into more clearly defined territories. Sure, you can party it up like Tony Stark on your personal page, but when you need to go save the world, you don your professional page image – your Iron Man suit – and it’s all business.

Hopefully you’ve been on Google Plus long enough to get the feel for how to work your profile by finding great content, interacting with folks, etc. If you haven’t, you have no business creating a Google Plus business page. I say this with love because I know all too well the phrase “biting off more than you can chew,” and running a business page on Google Plus is twice as difficult as managing a personal page. If you’re having issues generating conversation with your personal profile, then you will definitely struggle with a business profile.

Now, not to brag too much, but I created the Google Plus page for and developed it into THE most followed real estate pages at around 5,700 followers. I had a few things going for me, such as a recognizable brand name as well as being an early adopter of the Google Plus page concept. However, I’m still green enough to the Google Plus scene that I can clearly remember the tactics I used to get the word out about my business page and build the following it has today. A very important disclaimer is that this took a long time lot of work.


  1. Interact: I’ve said this before when it comes to personal pages, but it’s even more important when it comes to business pages. Don’t just share things on your wall – interact with Google Plus communities and business pages that relate to what you do. Make it a point to do this as often as you can. I was actively participating (as the business page) on 10 different communities. I also made it a point to reach out to two new business pages a day and say hello again to five more I had previously reached out to. I repeated this process three to four times a day. As a business page, you can’t interact with personal profiles unless they’ve circled you first, so find fellow business pages that might already have an audience and start interacting.
  2. Circle Progression: There’s a cheesy Google Plus commercial about a boy who has different circles representing different stages of his relationship with his girlfriend. He moves her from the “Friends” circle to the “Good Friends” circle and so on until she goes into the circled titled “The One.” This is actually an excellent representation of how folks you interact with should be put into different buckets so you can decide which buckets need more attention. For example, having a circle called “Initial Contact” might be your mass circle for any pages that you commented on but haven’t heard back from. If you notice that three or four of them pretty actively respond to your comments, you can move them into another circle called “Initial Contact 2.” You’ll know that the people in this circle are more engaged and more likely to respond. This is important to keep track of for my next point.
  3. Know the talkers: Conversation on Google Plus pages is similar to starting a fire. You have your content that is your kindling, and you need sparks to get some flames going. Your sparks on Google Plus come from including circles that are either relevant to the topic you’re posting about or highly engaged folks. Knowing which people talk a lot and will most likely be engaged is critical for getting a conversation going. If you deal with real estate, for example, and you have a post about mortgages, hopefully you have a circle full of mortgage experts that you can include when you decide to share it.
  4. Sharing is caring: Sharing content from one page to another is the highest form of compliment on Google Plus. It’s a great way to start relationships, and it’ll help diversify your page’s stream. However, be choosy about what you decide to share because quality will always lead to quantity. On the page, I typically post three times a day, and one of those posts was a share.
  5. Leverage your other networks: Don’t be shy about your Google Plus page! Share your page on the other social networks that you use. It’s not required, but try to diversify your content stream based on the channel. It’s not as exciting if you share the same message on Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter. Remind yourself that your customer or viewer will ask himself, “Why should I visit them on Google Plus?” A hint: Google Plus is built for media, and pictures look big and beautiful on Google Plus posts.
  6. More is better: Make sure your business profile has as much information as you can include. Leave no profile picture blank and no text box empty. Google Plus is no stranger to spam profiles, and users are already wary of spam pages. In addition to creating your business profile, a very simple way of setting yourself apart is to upload photos to your profile picture and cover photo. It makes a world of difference.

Want to put Google Plus to work for your business? Check out the related articles below. No time to do it yourself? Give us a call at 800.305.9420 or request a free consultation – we can help!

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This guest post was written by Eric Proulx, a community manager for Market Leader. He enjoys Korean barbecue, coding and playing with his dog, a black lab named Teddy.

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