Tips for creating a strong Google Plus Presence

How to Establish a Strong Google+ Presence

Google+ is one of the largest and most undervalued social media platforms available today. Many business owners overlook the potential this social media gem brings to the table, having fallen victim to the lie that it is a “ghost town”. Far from an abandoned failure, Forbes recently named Google+ the second largest social media platform – just behind Facebook. With that in mind, and because of SEO implications of Google+, your business can’t afford to ignore it.

Connect with Others on Google+

Tips for creating a strong Google Plus PresenceOf course, to market your company or brand you need people to know you exist. One of the best ways to do this is to follow other businesses and accounts associated with your brand. Why?

Well, one of the best reasons is that they may follow you back. You are now also associated with their community, which may have a head start on Google +. It’s not purely selfish – your engaging with their updates is beneficial for their company, too.  Interaction – shares of your content and mentions of your account by those “high authority” accounts will give you a boost as their authority “rubs off” on you!

Create and Share Remarkable Content

Sharable content will give you a boost as influential accounts share your updates and mention your page in their comments. Don’t be afraid to be a little confrontational and remember that Google+ is a very visual network, so pair your bold statements or questions with an eye-catching image for maximum impact. Sharing the content of others not only gives you more to post, but also provides more value to your followers.

Skip the Shortcuts

Follower count seems to have little to do with search authority. So, as with every other network, don’t fall for offers to “buy 1,000 followers!” thinking that will help. True, influencers tend to have more followers, but they have more followers because of their influence – they didn’t get influence from the number of followers they have.

Share the Love

Want more interaction with influencers? Take the initiative to engage users.  Though +1s add only a little, if any, SEO value, they can be the first step to a relationship with other pages and profiles.

Google+ has a unique feature – communities. A Google+ community is where people with mutual interests gather.  From photography to food – there’s a Google+ community for that. Hosting a community associated with your products and services is a great way to brand yourself, and establish yourself as an expert in your field. Google+ communities will humanize your company while providing necessary exposure and possible connections with influencers. Need help hosting a community for your business? Learn more about setting up communities on Google Plus.

Host a Google+ Hangout

Google Hangouts are great for engagement. It  humanizes your brand, establishes you as an expert, and fosters real-life relationships.  Hangouts are the next best thing to actually spending time with someone – building trust and improving communication.  Before you host your own, you can watch some Hangouts live on air for ideas.

Insider Tip: Brand yourself with a “lower-third”  – it’ll give you a professional edge!

What are possible Google+ hangout topics? If you have cookbook out, a weekly cooking show might be a great way to engage your audience.  A photographer could hold a series of weekly camera tips. With the warmer weather here a pet store may feature summer tips for great pet health.  The options are truly endless!

Ready to put social media and Google+ to work for your company? Learn more about what Google Plus can do for your business, set up your Google Plus page now or learn more about SEO and Google+. Completely overwhelmed? We can help!


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