How to Create “Inviting” Events on Facebook

RSVP to your own Facebook Event Make sure to add a photo and go back to RSVP if you will be attending!

Facebook changes functionality of features such as Events often, so if you run in to any questions while adding an event, please comment below or “like” us on Facebook and let us know how we can help!

Using Facebook as your business page,

  1. Go to “Home” and click on “Events” in the left sidebar, below  your image.
  2. Click on “Add Event”
  3. Enter a catchy, informative event Name.  “Turning the heat down on Menopause” might be more apt to attract attention than, “Menopause Seminar”.
  4. Enter  Details including who can attend, if they need to RSVP externally as well, what benefits they will receive by attending (yes, including the refreshments!). Make sure to include a link back to your event hub (a web page, blog post or event manager with all relevant information.
  5. Add your location.
  6. Add date and time.
  7. Leave “Show Guest List” checked.
  8. Leave “Only Admins can post to the event wall” unchecked.
  9. After you create the event, make sure to add a photo.  No one wants to attend a mystery event!
  10. If you are going to be there, RSVP for yourself, adding a personal comment about something you are looking forward to.
  11. Use the “Suggestions” feature to invite your friends (must be done from your personal account, not the business page).
  12. Share the link to the event on Twitter.
  13. When people RSVP, thank them on the event page and on their timelines.  Use that opportunity to ask them if they have any suggestions on questions to be answered and give them a way to contact you privately should they wish to do so.
  14. Watch your event page closely for questions and respond quickly.

We hope this was helpful.  If we can help you with these tips or anything else, please comment below or join us on Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus.

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