Big results from little landing page changes. #landingpages #leadgeneration

Increase Landing Page Conversions Up to 90% With One Change [Infographic]

Big results from little landing page changes. #landingpages #leadgenerationWe all want more people to sign up for our newsletters, download our ebooks, or request a phone call.  But sometimes, even when our landing pages get plenty of traffic, we still get no more than a trickle of new contacts.

Why is that? Is what we’re offering really so uninteresting? It could be, but it could also be an issue with presentation.

Number of Form Fields

If you’ve ever wanted to sign up for a newsletter, but quit half-way through because you just didn’t think they needed to know your birth date and social security number (kidding, but you get the point), you’ve already discovered one of the possible reasons for low conversion rates. The amount of information a person is willing to provide is often directly related to the perceived value of what they’re about to receive.

For example: Offer someone an incredibly valuable eBook that is so good they’d pay for it, and they will be more willing to disclose their job title, marketing challenges, budget, etc. than a person signing up for a newsletter. For the newsletter, name and email is probably all you’re going to get!

Pro Tip: Use software like HubSpot to collect data on clients over time. The first contact you may get name, email, phone and marketing challenge.  Next time, only collect their job title, website URL and marketing budget. It also tracks the source of the lead, so you never have to ask, “How did you hear about us?”

Have you Earned their Trust?

If your site looks like it was last updated in 1990, there is no helpful “About” page, no phone number, no address, you haven’t given people a reason to trust you. Which means you haven’t earned their contact information. You should also have an accessible privacy policy and share genuine customer testimonials if you have them.

Choose Your Words Carefully

Using the word “submit” on a form is one way to decrease your conversion rate. It has a negative connotation, and might imply a higher level of commitment than most are willing to assume. Try something like, “Get it now!”, “Send my question”, or “Reserve my spot!” Not only are those words a little more “what’s in it for me?” but they’re also more upbeat and less formal.

The infographic below provides anecdotal evidence that you can increase your conversions by 90% just by changing the “submit” text from second person to first person! My guess as to why it makes a difference is that to choose “Get my free trial now” is more empowering than, “Get your free trial now.”  Would love to hear your theories.

Bonus Tip: Utilize Your Thank You Pages

So, you’ve gotten the new contact information – great! But, what if there were a way to keep people engaged a little longer? What if you could start collecting more information about them right away? Try inviting people to take advantage of a related offer right on the thank you page. You  might be surprised at how many people will download a checklist to go with the eBook they just grabbed from your site. Give it a try and let us know how it works for you!

Increase landing page conversions with one little change


Article Name
Increase Landing Page Conversions Up to 90% With One Change [Infographic]
Some very simple tweaks to better landing page conversions.

About the Author Alisa Meredith (311 Posts)

As co-owner and chief inbound marketing consultant at Scalable Social Media, Alisa Meredith spends a lot of time keeping up with online marketing trends for the benefit of our customers. Computers have been a passion of hers since her first T1-99, so inbound and social media marketing is a natural fit.


  1. Hi Alisa!

    I love the statistics showing how important it is to be personal/personable, even in something as seemingly generic as a “submit” button.

    A submit button seems fairly harmless… but when you think about it, it does have a somewhat scary “final” connotation to it… I do believe I’ve filled out a bunch of info on online forms just to get to the submit button/”Are you REALLY sure you want to go through with this?” part… and then decided to delete everything I had put in and not submit. That’s really quite fascinating that “submit” does have a negative connotation and I didn’t even give it any thought until this article of yours! “Get it Now” is much more friendly and way less scary!

    And I love the personalization of using 1st person rather than 2nd.

    Great info, Alisa! I love how your blog made me think 🙂

    • Alisa Meredith

      Thanks for stopping by, Katherine! Humans are funny creatures when just a word can make such a difference. 🙂 So glad you liked it.

  2. Great stats here Alisa, it’s all those little nuances that can make such a huge difference to your business like the 90% increase just by changing the tense.

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