Simple ways to rock Instagram for Your Business

Rock Your Brand on Instagram With These Four Tips

Simple ways to rock Instagram for Your Business via @scalablesocial sites such as Instagram and Pinterest have taken the world by storm and forever changed how we post to social media. People want to spend less time hearing about your products, and spend more time seeing them.

With over 200 million monthly active users, the platform has become one of the best ways to influence customers with just one look. So how can we take a platform that thrives on selfies and use it to boost brand engagement?

Instagram – More Than Just a Bunch of Selfies

With 75 million daily active users generating 1.2 billion daily likes, Instagram is clearly more than just a bunch of teenagers posting selfies. This visually driven site allows brands the opportunity to tell their story through photos. A simple click on a company’s Instagram gives fans an instant sense of what your brand is all about. When fans feel a connection with the brands they love, engagement is sure to follow. Use these X tips to rock your brand’s Instagram account, today!

1. Be Consistent

As is the case with any social media platform, consistency is key. Consistent posts serve as a reminder to fans of just how awesome your products and services really are, while adding to your credibility. Of course, balance is needed. Littering a fan’s feed with with too many posts will likely lead to frustration. Consistent, relevant photos are always better than an ambush of irrelevant posts.

2. Don’t Compromise on Quality

Quality is key. On a platform where content is strictly visual, competition is fierce. A poor quality photo (bad exposure, crummy cropping, etc.) will do little to entice fans to click. Remember, on Instagram these photos are what fans use to form an opinion about your brand – make it a good one.

3. Get Personal

Instagram is the perfect platform for giving fans a raw, behind the scenes look at your brand. Use this tactic to your advantage when posting on behalf of your company. Need a little inspiration? Check out how these brand’s are rocking their Instagram accounts by keeping it real.

Intel Instagram

Gelato Fiasco Instagram

4. Use Fan Photos

A great way to boost engagement is through fan photos. Why? Instagram users feed off “real” photos. Sure, those photos you hired a photographer to take for your latest catalog are gorgeous, but they may not create the engagement you’re looking for on Instagram. For example, a fan’s child wearing your adorable shoes in the park has a much higher probability of going viral than a glossy catalog image. Don’t worry, there’s room for both, but the more you can keep photos “real” the better your engagement will be.

Whether you’re looking to drive online sales,  get people into your store, or simply create a buzz about your product,  Instagram is  a great way to market your brand. Use these tips and start rocking your brand’s Instagram account, today! Oh, and you can find us on Instagram – we are scalablesocialmedia. See you there!

About the Author Alisa Meredith (311 Posts)

As co-owner and chief inbound marketing consultant at Scalable Social Media, Alisa Meredith spends a lot of time keeping up with online marketing trends for the benefit of our customers. Computers have been a passion of hers since her first T1-99, so inbound and social media marketing is a natural fit.

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