Landing Page Elements for Success

Ten Elements of Effective Landing Pages

Great landing pages are key to generating leads which you can then nurture to the point of becoming new customers. Check out the ten elements that went in to creating a landing page on our site with a 70% conversion rate! We break it all down below…

Landing Page Elements for Success

What Makes a Landing Page Convert?

    1. Brand your landing page to match your website.
    2. Keep people focused on the page at hand – do NOT include navigation.
    3. Add an interesting title here. It should directly correspond to your call to action for cohesion (see the CTA for that landing page at right).
    4. Add a compelling image. A shot of the cover of the eBook or whitepaper is often effective. If you’re signing people up for a webinar, try a photo of the presenter.
    5. Make it easy for people to share your landing page on social media.
    6. Here’s another chance to grab attention with a compelling heading. Use this space to spell out a key benefit they will receive.
    7. Use a bulleted (easy-to-read) list to tell people why your offer is so great, it’s worth supplying some personal information to get it.
    8. Tell them again, what they’re going to get.
    9. A form with only as many fields as you really need is more likely to convert than one that asks for too much information.
    10. A prominent “submit” button that says anything BUT “submit”. Try more positive phrases such as, “Get yours now!” “Claim your spot now!” or “Reserve yours!”

Want a handy printable version (with notes) to tack on your wall for later? Grab it!


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Ten Elements of Effective Landing Pages
See what went in to our highest-performing landing page ever. Simple to follow steps for your killer lead generation! Grab the printable version, too!

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