Is your LinkedIn Company Page a Ghost Town?

How to Grow Your LinkedIn Company Page Following

LinkedIn is the highest lead-producing platform in all social media for many businesses (especially B2B companies), yet the bulk of the activity seems to happen between people – not on company pages, and that makes sense.  But, what if you are involved in multiple businesses, or, what if you are responsible for maintaining the LinkedIn company page of a business you don’t plan to work for for the next forty years?  Being the conscientious employee you are, you don’t want to leave theIs your LinkedIn Company Page a Ghost Town?ir LinkedIn presence desolate when you move on.

So, how can you get a little more action on your LinkedIn company profile?

Optimize your LinkedIn Company Profile

Seems like a no-brainer, but it’s worth double-checking to make sure you have a compelling cover and profile photo, all the details are filled in and current on your page, and your services section is filled out.

Share Relevant Content

People use LinkedIn for professional networking, so tailor your updates accordingly. Unless your business is about cats, sharing a popular Facebook cat meme on LinkedIn might not go over well. Focus more on your specialties, adding an employment, HR, sales, or career slant where possible. In fact, you can often successfully share the very same information on LinkedIn as you share on Facebook if you change the wording a bit.

Answer questions your customers ask. If possible, include a link to a blog post where you answer the question in-depth.

Make Your Updates Compelling

  • Share intriguing news
  • Share how-to articles from your own blog, or from others.
  • Post simple contests – give something away for a status “like”.
  • Ask for a like as a way to give feedback. For example, at the end of a status update, add, “Like if you want to see more content like this. Comment if you’d prefer something else.”

Three Ways to Optimize Your LinkedIn Posts

  1. Your update – keep it short.
  2. Your link – gives them a next step (especially valuable if you can direct them to your blog).
  3. An image – a link inserted will pull an image in to your update, but you can also attach an image manually.

Test Post Topic Ideas, Times and Voice

What kind of posts resonate with your followers? Watch this closely for likes and shares.

Overall, Thursday is the “best” day to post, but it could be different for you, especially if your audience is mostly consumers, who might be more likely to be online on the weekends or during the evening. Test it out.

Does your network respond well to friendly and casual? Positive and uplifting? Technical and business-like?

How to Know if Your Content is Resonating

LinkedIn Post InsightsAfter 24-48 hours, post insights appear right below your update. Look for likes, comments and shares to see what is working.

Watch your follower growth from the Page Insights page (from your company page, it’s right next to the add update field). See where upward trends occur and try to duplicate the types of posts you were using then.

Look at what types of visitors are coming to your page from your Follower Insights (also right next to the add update field). Are you attracting the industries you want to work with? If not, adjust your content. Are you attracting the seniority you want? For example, if you typically sell your product or services right to company owners, you would want to see that a great percentage of followers are company owners. Again, if you don’t see what you want, adjust your updates to appeal more to senior decision-makers.

Look at how many visitors are coming from your LinkedIn page to your website. Software like HubSpot can take it a step further and show you how many leads are coming in through LinkedIn. You could also do this yourself by sharing landing pages with unique URLs only from your LinkedIn page and setting up goal tracking in Google Analytics.

Ask for a follow:

Add a “Follow” button to your website. Send a dedicated Email campaign either by LinkedIn messages or by your email campaign provider highlighting the reasons why they should follow your company, or add the invite as a PS to another email campaign.

Mention your company page on other networks. They may be connected to you on Facebook, but not a huge fan of Facebook. Give them another way to stay in touch, and remember to tell them what to expect. It might be helpful to mention that your updates will have a slightly different focus than your other platforms.

Your Turn! What works for you? Which LinkedIn Company Pages do you follow?

Need some help with your LinkedIn content? We can help! Give us a call today at 800.305.9420.

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  1. Great points, Alisa! You’ve given me some great ideas to help me be more attentive to my company page. I’ve optimized my profile but need to update more frequently and follow up with testing, as you suggest. Thanks for the helpful post!

  2. Alisa Meredith

    Oh, Thank you, Michelle! I’m so glad it helped. I need to do the same :). You’re very welcome, and thanks again for taking the time to comment.

  3. Interesting…I just headed over to my LinkedIn company page and none of my updates are there. Looks like LinkedIn did an upgrade. I can’t find any of my prior updates!

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