We started out as strictly a social media company.  However, we have found that many of our customers still need to establish a solid foundation on which to build their online presence before they get social.  With that in mind, and after about two years of gathering the best and brightest talents around, we are pleased to offer the following services as a one-stop online marketing solution for content, website trafficlead generationconverting leads to customers, and confirming ROI.

Help Bring More Traffic to Your Website

The first step towards more leads and sales is getting more qualified prospects to your site. We’ll get to know your business better and propose a plan that might include blogging, social media, SEO, email campaigns, downloadable eBooks and more. Learn more.

Generate Leads From Your Website

Traffic to the site is a good start, but you want them to take action when they get there. Content offers, calls to action and landing pages will help you fill your sales funnel. Learn more.

Convert Leads to Customers – Lead Nurturing

Once the leads come in, we’ll work to give them more and more information tailored to their expressed interests. When they’re ready, you can reach out to close the deal. Learn more.

Reporting to Confirm ROI

Find out what is working, what needs more attention and what might not be worth continuing. In conjunction with the three services above, this rounds out a complete inbound marketing program. Learn more.

Other Online Marketing Services

While we prefer to offer a complete inbound marketing experience (you’ll get far better results), if you need help with just one or two aspects of marketing, we can help.

Website Usability & Lead Generation Checks

We will review your site top to bottom and tell you what works for increasing your online leads and/or sales, what doesn’t, and how to fix it.

Website Design, Redesign & Maintenance

Need a website?  Have a website that hasn’t been updated since 1995?  Have one that looks good but doesn’t bring in the leads?  Want to add a blog, online ordering, live chat or other features? We can help.

Mobile Website Design - Shows Mobile Website on Screen Emulator

Mobile Site Design

With nearly 30% of the average website’s traffic coming from mobile browsers, it’s important that your site be easy to use on mobile. Starting at just $199 setup and $25/month, we can build a fast, easy-to-browse site to keep your mobile visitors coming back for more. We can also take your WordPress site and create a responsive version.

Email Marketing

Email is still a powerful force for reaching customers and following up on leads.  We can help with setup, adding signup forms to your website, and sending regular messages.

BloggingBusinesses that blog 16-20 times a month get four times the number of leads of those that do not blog.

Websites with an active blog get more traffic and more leads than those without (see this lead generation study), but posting twice a week is a big commitment.  We have professional writers and editors who can help.

Social Media

Social media is here to stay. Though platforms and methods will change with the times, businesses who wish to succeed need to find out where their audience is, what they want, and how it can be delivered.  We find out about your business and your target audience and help you decide where to focus your efforts.  One size does NOT fit all.

Facebook Management

A Facebook Page is a powerful tool for communicating with your customers.  We can help by designing custom cover photos, converting personal profiles to business pages, adding custom apps and even day-to-day posting, campaigns, contests and monitoring and responding to fan comments.

Twitter Management

Twitter is a great way to network with similar businesses, provide quick and affordable customer service, and share your content online.  We can help you set up your profile and cover photo, design a well-crafted bio and help you make real connections on Twitter.

Google Plus Management

With the giant of search engines behind it, Google Plus is a place to be for sharing your content, connecting with customers and other businesses for taking advantage of the merging of social and search for business.

Pinterest Startup Service

Pinterest Startup Service

Our Pinterest Starter Package is unique to the Industry with features others aren’t offering, such as:

  • An in-depth interview to uncover your business goals, assets, style and partners.
  • Business page setup with professional cover image, engaging description and smart keyword use.
  • Ten fully populated boards designed to showcase your business’ style in a way that appeals to Pinterest users.
  • A complete strategy document with easy to follow instructions to keep your Pinterest account humming.
  • One hour of online one-on-one training to get you started.

Pinterest Management

Pinterest Repinned image If your business markets heavily to women, consider Pinterest!

Our newest offering, Pinterest management involves optimizing your setup with keywords and a great profile photo, pinning your own content and that of others, to provide a visual scrapbook for your audience to enjoy and learn from. Regular, strategically-timed pins keep people coming back for more.  Response to comments and pins helps build relationships with others on the platform – and that translates to a good online reputation.  We are finding a good deal of traffic coming to our sites from Pinterest. In fact, it’s right behind Facebook as a traffic-driver for us!

Search Engine Optimization

Wondering if your message is reaching your audience?  Want to rank higher in the search engines, particularly Google? Our SEO audit will look at the structure and content of your website and provide a keyword list and suggestions to ramp up your placement in the search engines.  We can implement the suggested changes, or you can take our report and do it yourself.

Pay Per Click Advertising

Prefer an approach that gives the quickest results? Pay Per Click advertising through Google AdWords, Facebook and LinkedIn can allow you to target by age, gender, industry, geographic area and more.  With extensive experience in Pay Per Click, we can help you get the best results for your investment.



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