Social Media Customer AcquisitionAre you among the many business owners who want become more social, but you hold back over concerns about ROI, or maybe you worry about negative feedback? Here’s what we can do:

  • Help with strategy and content, so that you can effectively target your audience so you’ll have improved branding, increased word-of-mouth marketing and better customer service.
  • Keep up with the rules, trends and features, so that you can benefit, but spend YOUR time running your business.
  • Provide as much or as little support as you need, so that you can adjust as your needs and capabilities change.
  • Eventually want to bring social media marketing in-house? We can “show as we go” so you can take over when you’re ready.
  • Do it all, with just one conversation a week with you or your staff, so you can be involved but not spending all your time learning and being social.


It’s probably safe to assume that you are also much too busy to commit to the time and effort required to make it a success, let alone the time to keep up with all the changes in social media.  How do we know? That’s how we built our business – helping busy business owners take advantage of social in only 30 minutes a week.  Sound impossible?

In an ideal world, every business, from small to gargantuan, would have a dedicated social media manager.  That person would be intimately involved in every aspect of the business and in regular contact with key personnel. That person would be trained in best practices and be skilled at engaging an audience and bringing more visitors and leads to your website.

The reality is, that few small or medium-sized businesses cannot afford to have a social media or “community” manager of their own.  Until now!

Your Dedicated Social Community Manager

Though not located in your office, our community managers strive to become an extension of your business and your marketing department.  We start with an in-depth customer interview to learn as much as we can about the nature and the personality of your business. Weekly meetings by email or telephone (your choice), help us stay in-the-loop on current happenings, so that we can authentically represent you on social media platforms in a way that builds a loyal and engaged following.

We are eager to share ideas about what works – helping you enhance the effectiveness of your offline advertising by bringing in online components.  For example, will you be interviewed on tv about your upcoming free seminar on reducing senior fraud? We can add a landing page to your blog that will allow you to provide additional information and/or collect email leads or telephone numbers.  We’ll give you a nice short URL that you can promote during your interview – giving people an extra resource and getting more eyes to your site.

Want to run a contest on Facebook?  We know the rules so we’ll keep you out of trouble.  We also know how to promote Facebook contests on and offline for maximum results. We can even help you enhance your relationships with local businesses in the process.

Want to make sure your blog posts and website content get the widest distribution possible? We do that, too! It’s all with the goal of funneling leads to you and your sales team.

Our community managers monitor your platforms and respond to comments. If a comment needs your attention, we will contact you right away and offer advice on how to handle even the stickiest of situations.

We’d really like to work with every department of your business.  If we work together well, you may find that in a year or so, you and your team might feel like you can take on more of the work yourself.  Great! We are happy to be here as consultants, to provide help with content, or to assist with contents and campaigns.

Compare the Audience Demographics of Major Social Networks A quick look at where your audience might be.

Meet our Community Managers.

Which Social Media Platform is Right For My Business?

Great question.  When we get a full understanding of your business, we’ll be able to help you choose where to focus your efforts, what you should expect by way of results, and why. It comes down to finding your audience. Currently, we offer assistance with:

  • Blogging
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google Plus
  • Pinterest
  • LinkedIn

Social Media Support – A New, Three Phase Approach

Some business owners want to take charge of their own social presence, but they don’t know where to start, and don’ t have time to do the research.  For you, we have developed a plan that takes you from setup to maintenance and on to training and independence. It’s our hybrid approach to outsourcing and in-house social media management – and we think you’re going to love it.

Phase I involves setting up and/or optimizing social sites. This takes about a month.

During Phase II we’ll post to your social sites, blog, etc . and get a feel for what is going to work well for you. This period includes monthly reporting and regular check-ins. This takes about six months.

When you’re ready for Phase III, we will start showing you what we are doing and why, and help you do it yourself. When we’re done, you will be confidently managing your own social presence. Of course, we are always available to help with special promotions, campaigns, strategy and design. Phase III should take one to three months.

What do you think of this approach? Might it be useful to you as you try to create a visible and engaging social media presence?

Each phase is proposed separately, and completing one phase does NOT obligate either of us to move on to the next if we do not both feel the partnership is working well. Additionally, should you decide you want to stay in Phase II, we are happy to continue to manage your social channels for you.

How Will I Know if It’s Working

Detailed monthly call and website/social media reports will show you how much activity our work is generating for you. We’ll also provide regular suggestions on how these can be improved.

Can I Afford This?

Pinterest Startup KitOf course, budget is a concern, or you would already have hired someone to do this for you! When we learn more about your business goals and needs, we’ll be able to provide an accurate quote for you. We understand the challenges small businesses face, so we are happy to create a plan that starts out small and grows with you. All plans are custom made for each customer, but we created a page with some sample pricing just to give you an idea.

Ready to talk about social media management? Give us a call at 800.305.9420 x1 or sign up for your free consultation now.  We’ll evaluate your current efforts, suggest simple tweaks and discuss what we can do for you.