Why should I pin to group boards? Wouldn't it be better to pin to my own boards? via @scalablesocial

Pinterest FAQ: Why Join a Group Board?

Why should I pin to group boards? Wouldn't it be better to pin to my own boards? http://scalablesocialmedia.com/2014/08/pinterest-group-board via @scalablesocialWouldn’t it be better to put images on your own Pinterest boards? After all, when you don’t own the Pinterest board, you have no control over who else pins, what they pin, and even whether that board will still exist tomorrow.

That’s right – entire group boards disappear when a frustrated owner deletes the entire thing. Not to mention the fact that when people follow that board, it doesn’t add to your own follower count.

So, why would you add pins to a shared board?

It’s about exposure. Let’s say you have 100 followers. When you pin something, your 100 followers might see it. If you pin to a board with 1,000 followers, even if those people are NOT following you, those 1,000 people might see your pin. Even I can do the math on that and figure out that 1,000 is better than 100!

Aside from that initial potential exposure, you have a better chance of people repinning your content because so many more are seeing it. I’ve seen this happen in a big way. Pin to my own board and get a trickle of repins. Pin to an active group board and there’s suddenly a torrent!

You can gain more followers, too! When people look at the board, they may notice that many of the pins that catch their eye and  spark their interest are from one pinner – YOU! So, in that way, you can begin to grow your own following.

Good group boards can become go-to resources for people looking for a reliable source for quality content to share. So make sure you’re a part of some good ones. You can find group boards for just about any topic at Pingroupie.com.

Don’t Limit Yourself to JUST The Group Board. As we discussed a couple of weeks back, it’s a good idea to pin your articles to multiple boards. A pinner may not follow all of your boards, so if it is relevant to two or more – pin it again!

A Word of Caution

As in life, be careful of getting mixed up with the wrong crowd. Before accepting an invite, check out the board.  Some users spam boards, filling up your inbox quickly (if you have email notifications turned on).  Others are self-promotional, not adding value, and not making the board appealing to followers.

If you see that type of activity, it’s worth contacting the board owner. Or, you can visit the profile of the offender and report them by clicking on the gray flag. You can always leave a group board if you find it is not working for you, or is reflecting badly on you.

Give group boards a try, but don’t forget to keep your own boards active any vibrant.  Have you had success from group board participation? Tell us about it!

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Article Name
Pinterest FAQ: Why Join a Group Board?
Wouldn’t it be better to just pin to your own boards? After all, you don’t own the board, and you have no control over what other people pin there? Here are some reasons it’s worth your time.

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