How to Use Pinterest Group Boards To Get More Brand Exposure

Pinterest Group Boards What are they? Why use them? how hard your mom worked to teach you to share? Well, consider this your Pinterest sharing lecture of the day! It’s for your own good.

We manage the Pinterest account of a wonderful independent pharmacist.  He likes to be somewhat involved, so recently he asked why  “shared/group” boards are showing up on his account and what he should do with them.

What is a Group Board on Pinterest?

The Pinterest blog states “Group boards are a fun way to organize ideas with others.”  They highlight using group boards as a collaborative tool for throwing a dinner party or planning a trip. In fact, we know of a recent “Pinterest party” where the ideas for everything brought to and served at the party was originally found on Pinterest.

You might be wondering, “what does this mean for a small business owner?”

How Pinterest Group Boards Increase Exposure

The most successful companies on Pinterest know their success has as much to do with the exposure those pins receive as it does the content of the pins. You might have a fantastic pin, but if only 4 people see it, the likelihood of profit is very low. Take that pin and share it with a group board that has hundreds, if not thousands, of contributors/followers and suddenly your visibility has soared. This will grow your audience and help drive traffic to your website. How?

  • New pinners find you when they check out the group board.
  • Group members may repin to their own boards.
  • The entire group builds up the board, creating a dynamic and informative resource that others will find (see above).
  • When the board is promoted on social media, new people find you.

Take at look at Food Network’s Pinterest account. Want to target a group board quickly? Notice the 3rd Board in – “Let’s Game Day.” You’ll see next to the number of pins, there is an image that looks like a group of heads (sorry guys, nothing more interesting is coming to me on how to describe it). This indicates it’s a group/shared board.

Food Network Screenshot - Group boards can benefit the small business owner

Now lets take a look a the actual “Lets Game Day” board. This board  has generated 54,497 followers.  If you’re lucky enough to score an invite from them, you now have 54,497 new potential clients.

Food Network Screenshot - A Pinterest Group Board is a Great Way to Increase Your Follower Base

Creating a Pinterest Group Board

To add contributors to a group board, go to that board and click the Edit button. You can now type the names of people you would like to add as contributors. Type his/her name into the text field. Potential matches to this name will begin to load; when you see the person you want, click their name, and click Add.When you are finished, click Save Settings. Pinterest will automatically send an invite for you.

Voila! You have shared a group board – mom would be proud!

Choosing Contributors

How do you choose contributors? If you find yourself repinning regularly from a particular pinner – invite them. Employees and even clients/customers can be a good fit. Just be sure there’s evidence they are interested in the topic and actually have something to contribute (checking out their personal boards can help).

If we refer back to the Food Network group board, you’ll notice they invited similar brands such as Good Housekeeping and Food Republic. These contributors will compliment their site nicely.

Pinterest Group Board Tips

  • You must follow at least one board belonging to the Pinner you want to invite in order to add them as a contributor.
  • Mom probably taught you about good manners too. Display them here – avoid spamming & profanity.
  • Avoid sending multiple invites to pin to your board, no one likes to be nagged.
  • Has a pin or a comment been added to your board that is inappropriate or doesn’t fit with the theme of the board? Delete – it’s your board, so control the image your company is presenting. If a particular member continues to post inappropriate pins, remove them.  We all have to play nice!

A Word of Caution

As in life, be careful of getting mixed up with the wrong crowd. Before accepting an invite, check out the board.  Some users spam boards, filling up your inbox quickly.  Others are self-promotional, not adding value, and not making the board appealing to followers. If you see that type of activity, it’s worth contacting the board owner. Or, you can visit the profile of the offender and report them by clicking on the gray flag.

Mom was right – when you share there lots of benefits, even for the small business owner. So start sharing either by creating a group board or accepting an invite. And remember, mind your manners when pinning!

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Have you been invited to a group board? Has it benefited your company? Tell us about it below!


About the Author Alisa Meredith (311 Posts)

As co-owner and chief inbound marketing consultant at Scalable Social Media, Alisa Meredith spends a lot of time keeping up with online marketing trends for the benefit of our customers. Computers have been a passion of hers since her first T1-99, so inbound and social media marketing is a natural fit.


  1. Hi Tina!

    Great article! I need to know how accept a group board invite. If my memory serves me correctly, when I have received invites to pin on other boards the email notification included an “accept” button. I didn’t see one on the group board invite I received. How do I start pinning to a Group Board?


    • Tina Gammon

      Hi Carla!

      I’m glad you enjoyed the article – I love all things Pinterest. Yes, you should receive an accept button in the email notification, but you can also access the invite through your Pinterest account. You will want to log into your account and then click the “Pinterest” icon at the top of your page (this automatically displays your home feed with “recent activity” being displayed on the left). Just above your recent activity you should see any pending group invites – just hit accept and you’re ready to pin! These boards are a great way to grow your audience. Happy pinning!

  2. divyesh

    Hello Tina!
    great article…
    i need board id of specific board so how i get it ???
    plz help me…

  3. Sarah

    Hi. Is there a way to remove myself from a Group Board?

    • Alisa Meredith

      Hi Sarah, Yes. Go to the board. Click edit board. When the box pops up, click the “Leave” button next to your name. Sorry for the late response!

  4. In order to find appropriate group boards, you should check PinGroupie. They currently have about 40000 group boards in their database. You can easily find smaller, targeted boards instead of only the big spammed ones.

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  7. Zach

    If anyone would like to join my recipe/food group board, please let me a message on one of the pins at:


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