Should I Outsource Pinterest Management?A brand new study reveals that companies are, as a whole, NOT taking advantage of the incredible revenue-producing power of Pinterest.  For example, only 18 percent of fashion retail brands pin items on Pinterest, yet the average retail fashion pin by a brand receives about 46 repins! All that brand awareness squandered! What could be the reason for the apparent lack of interest and initiative? Could it be that marketing departments fail to see the potential benefits of using Pinterest for business, or are they reluctant to learn yet another social media platform?

Whatever the case, the perceived complexity of Pinterest management has lead to our newest (and maybe most fun) service offering – Outsourced Pinterest Community Management. In fact, we hadn’t even considered offering it until one soon-to-be customer downloaded our Pinterest ebook and asked us, “Hey, would you just do this for me?”

Ever asked yourself, “Should I outsource my Pinterest marketing or do it myself?”

Of course, the answer depends on many factors, including:

  • Time – do you have the time available to learn the platform, find the content and pin and network effectively?
  • Money – do you have the budget to pay someone to pin for you?
  • Potential return – does the nature of your business lend itself to a good return on your Pinterest investment – whether that is primarily in time or budget?

What IS Pinterest Marketing Management?

Pinterest ebookLike any outsourced social media management, Pinterest management involves building a profile, gaining followers, networking with other users, driving traffic to the company website, running contests and encouraging conversation.

Our Pinterest specialist shared the day-to-day tasks involved in managing a customer’s Pinterest account. These will continue to evolve as the Platform matures, so it’s important that you or your outsourced manager keeps up to date.

Want to Manage Your Pinterest Account, but need some help setting up?

We can help! Our new Pinterest Startup Service gives you everything you need to get started. From optimized setup to strategy, board creation and training, we get you 100% prepared. Get more information on, or request our Pinterest Startup Service today.

Interested in outsourced Pinterest management for your business? Call us at 800.305.9420 x1, or fill out our form so we can review your business and help you decide if it’s right for you!

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