Quick Twitter Tip: How to create a custom share-a-link button

Quick Twitter Tip – Custom Share Link Buttons

Quick Twitter Tip: How to create a custom share-a-link buttonEver visited a website and clicked on the “Tweet” button to find it pops up a complete tweet for you, with username, too? Then when you send the tweet, it recommends you follower a certain Twitter user? I have, and I wondered how it was done! You can certainly use a plugin for WordPress to install a “tweet this” button on every page, but the customization is limited. Though some, like the one I use, do put in the page title, URL and add our username, when you really want everything just so – with a custom hashtag and a “we recommend you follow” extra, there is no substitute for Twitter’s own button builder. To create your very own, visit Twitter’s Resources page for buttons. Choose “Share a link” and many customization options will appear. You can see a preview that is updated quickly with each chosen customization, so it’s easy to see how your choices will impact the final result.Twitter custom share link button

  • Share URL “use the page URL” is a good choice if you want to put this button in a template or widget that won’t be individually customized for each page.
  • Tweet text “use the page title” is a good option if you don’t need to customize the code and want to reuse (as above). If there’s something specific you’d like to say for this one button on this one page (or set of pages using the button), enter custom text instead.
  • Leave the “Show count” button checked if you want people to see how many times the button has been used (if you use the same button in many locations, the number of tweets for all pages is combined here).
  • Via” is the place to add your username, or the username of the author.
  • In the “Recommend” field, suggest a username for the reader to follow. The author or the business username is a good choice here!
  • Are you using a certain hashtag? This is especially useful for events – enter your hashtag in this field.
  • Leave “Large button” unchecked if you want the standard sized button.
  • Opt out of tailoring Twitter?”  When someone tweets from your site, Twitter gathers the information to recommend to that reader other Twitter accounts they might like to follow. You can opt out if you like.
  • Choose your language.

When your button is the way you want it, just copy the code from the box and paste it in to “text” view on your WordPress site, or into the html code of any website. Make sure to test it! Here’s the button I created as shown in the printscreen above:  This works really well if you are hosting an event, if your page is for an individual product, or you just want to encourage people who are interested in your content to follow you on Twitter if they aren’t already. Have you tried it?


Article Name
Quick Twitter Tip – Custom Share Link Buttons
Ever wanted to create your own specific tweet for sharing – complete with custom text, hashtag, and a suggestion that the tweeter follow you? Here’s how!

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  1. Hi Alisa,

    Totally new to custom share buttons.

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Alisa Meredith

    Glad you liked it, Ryan. Thanks for stopping by!

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