Unicorns, Sasquatch, and Old-Timey SEO – Debunking Myths

17 SEO Myths debunked! Spend time on what works instead.How many terrible websites, spammy directories, and link-building schemes have been launched in the pursuit of “getting on the first page on Google”?

Yes, the quest for search engine optimization (SEO) has lead the unwary down some pretty shady paths, and that unfortunate trend doesn’t seem to be letting up.

While we’ll leave any belief in mythical creatures to you, there are some myths about SEO we just couldn’t stand to see perpetuated one day longer. First, why we can’t afford to ignore SEO…

Why We Still Need SEO

The truth is, your website does need Google and other search engines to like you, so SEO is still important. Although social media, email, links from other websites and direct traffic may account for a large amount of your website traffic, most established websites get more than half their traffic from search engine referrals.
There’s a reason “Google” has become a verb. As in, “Google it.” It’s the default go to for most searchers. Social search may be growing, but nobody says, “Twitter it” – yet.

The Good News About Today’s SEO

Fortunately, SEO isn’t rocket science, and you don’t need to know a lot of fancy “tricks” to give your website its best chance to be found. In fact, many of the tricks that used to give unscrupulous people an unfair advantage are now a complete waste of time and some may even result in a penalty from Google. Hooray for authenticity!
While some aspects of technical SEO, such as XML sitemaps, Google authorship and redirects might still be best left to the professionals, most of what’s required for modern SEO is good common sense.

Today’s SEO has more to do with quality content and usability than technical issues and artificial link-building. In fact, the best SEO you can do for your website involves thinking about your audience, what they want, and what you can give them in the way they want it. You can do that! Learn more about content marketing.

The Legacy of “Old” SEO

SEO Myths to leave behind in 2014Unfortunately, there are still as many myths about SEO as there are about any other subject that seems slightly beyond the total comprehension of the average human (mysterious creatures, UFOs). And while there is still money to be made by perpetuating these myths, they are not likely to die out soon. Among them are:

  • “Being #1 on Google is the most important thing.”
  • “Getting more links is more important than creating more good content.”
  • “Social media and SEO are two completely unrelated.” 

That’s why we collaborated with HubSpot and other marketing agencies on the ebook, 17 SEO Myths you Should Leave Behind in 2014. We helped tackle #2, “SEO is all about ranking.”

Stop wasting precious time (and money) on outdated tactics. Learn what really works – and do that, instead!



Article Name
Unicorns, Sasquatch, and Old-Timey SEO – Debunking Myths
Enough with the spammy tactics that waste time and can hurt your rankings. Learn what really works and spend your time on that, instead.

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