Uncover hidden leads using social media prospecting.

Uncover Hidden Leads Using Social Media Prospecting

Uncover hidden leads using social media prospecting.Why are you using social media? For customer service, engagement, awareness? How about lead generation? Is that part of your social game plan? It should be!

With more than one billion monthly active users on Facebook, and over 230 million monthly active users on Twitter, you likely already recognize the enormous potential  social media offers for getting your name out there, spreading your content and drawing more people to your site.

You’re likely already engaging your existing fans and followers, but what about the people out there who could really use your products or services, but don’t even know you exist? That’s where social prospecting comes in.

What is Social Prospecting?

It’s the art of searching the social web for your potential prospects, engaging them and drawing them to your site where your amazing content and landing pages will convert them into leads.

Social prospecting starts with listening to conversations in social media. When you find people in need of what you provide, you respond with helpful (non-salesy)  answers. When trust is built and a rapport established, you can invite prospects to find the solutions they need on your website in the form of great content – your website pages, blog posts, videos, ebooks, check lists, etc.

How Social Prospecting Works

The steps you’ll take vary for each network, but the concept is the same – 1. listen 2. be helpful. You can do that!

Social Prospecting - learn to ListenFor example, let’s say you sell payroll processing software. In one of your LinkedIn Groups, Nancy asks the group a question about payroll solutions for restaurant owners. You can help her get to the solution she needs by asking the questions you would ask of any prospect: How many employees do you have? Which features are most important to you? Are you looking to process it yourself, or would a payroll service be a better solution?

You’re not looking to sell to Nancy (yet). Instead, you’re providing useful information to help her in her decision-making process. If in being helpful you find that your solution might be a good fit for her, you can mention it. By this point, she already knows you are interested in what’s best for her and will be more open to talking or downloading your “payroll software comparison sheet”.Social Prospecting - learn to engage

Ready to start? Get our brand new ebook and learn how to find and engage people in a truly social way in order to generate leads for your business. We’ll share the quickest ways  to find potential customers on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Google+. The best part for those of you brand new to social media is that you don’t need to have an established following, tons of fans or be connected to 1,000 people on LinkedIn – this is all about making NEW connections.

What are you waiting for? Grab the ebook and start prospecting!

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Article Name
Uncover Hidden Leads Using Social Media Prospecting
If you’re only talking to the people who know and follow you, you’re missing out! Find the people who don’t yet know you exist! Learn how to listen and engage. That’s social prospecting!

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