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The Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Social Media Influencer

Generating genuine social media influence is easier than you think.  Social Media and Blogging can be a very loud world on the internet. We all have a message and we all want to help others, but how are we going to be noticed?  How can we be heard? What is going to make us stand out from the crowd?

Hope you weren’t expecting a big secret or any magical short cuts to the “How do we get noticed?” problem.  GENUINE INFLUENCE and doing the work is going to make the difference in your online game.  Speaking to the entire world isn’t quite as effective as speaking to a more specific audience that is searching for your type of services, message, or information.  Genuine influence is a long game but also the only successful one if you want to build loyalty of brand, trust with clients, and lasting relationships.  All of this comes with influence and being relate-able.

What is Influence?

It’s simply that you do something, say something, post something, or ARE something that inspires someone else to take an action. A great …

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AdWords results for Inbound Marketing Software

Getting Started with Paid Search – Google AdWords Bidding and Keywords

Everyone wants to be number one on Google, right? Well, that may or may not happen for you, but you can up your chances and your ranking, by complementing your current ranking techniques (keyword usage, lots of relevant, quality content) by using Google AdWords PPC.

Already ranking high in organic (non-paid) results? Great! You can still run ads to saturate the market and draw attention to your brand. Look at HubSpot (right). They have the top two organic listings in a search for ‘inbound marketing software’, but they also have a prominent paid advertisement.

Why Use Google AdWords?

Aside from the obvious – getting more brand exposure and website traffic, Google AdWords allows you to test landing pages. Send a user who clicks on one ad to landing page A and a user who clicks on the other to landing page B, and you have enough data to do basic A/B testing! Look at how many conversions each generates to see which is performing better overall. Then adjust your ads and your organic marketing accordingly.

Running AdWords can also …

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Name Tag - Peer Pressure & Social Media

How do You Measure Up? Peer Pressure & Social Media

You put great effort in to marketing your business. You design logos, websites and establish social media platforms. You spend time blogging and tweeting, in the hope of developing a loyal fan following. Blood, sweat and sometimes even tears, are shed getting your business off the ground.

And then it happens. Browsing through your feed a business page catches your eye. You click on it, maybe to check out the competition or gain some inspiration. Immediately your good mood disappears.  Their logo is designed at epic levels, their products are trendy and fun, they have a million followers (or at least it feels that way compared to your 200) and fans are raving about how wonderful they are.

Don’t pretend it hasn’t happened to you. In an instant, you’ve lost your social media identity.

Peer Pressure and Social Media

What you felt may not have been envy, but inadequacy. Left unchecked it’s just not healthy. Experts call it “yardsticking,the impulse to privately …

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How to Create “Inviting” Events on Facebook

Facebook changes functionality of features such as Events often, so if you run in to any questions while adding an event, please comment below or “like” us on Facebook and let us know how we can help!

Using Facebook as your business page,

Go to “Home” and click on “Events” in the left sidebar, below  your image. Click on “Add Event” Enter a catchy, informative event Name.  “Turning the heat down on Menopause” might be more apt to attract attention than, “Menopause Seminar”. Enter  Details including who can attend, if they need to RSVP externally as well, what benefits they will receive by attending (yes, including the refreshments!). Make sure to include a link back to your event hub (a web page, blog post or event manager with all relevant information. Add your location. Add date and time. Leave “Show Guest List” checked. Leave “Only Admins can post to the event wall” unchecked. After you create the event, make sure to add a photo.  No one wants to attend a mystery event! If you are going to be there, RSVP …

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