Quality Pinterest Images Made Easy

Quality Pinterest Images Made Easy

Pop quiz! What do Pinterest, quality images, and wine have in common? Still guessing? Let me explain.

What’s Wine Got to do With It?

My husband is a smart guy, but when I talk about social media, I might as well be speaking gibberish. This is only appropriate since he’s a social media virgin (gasp!).

About a month ago, I was trying to explain why so much of my job is tied up in creating quality images for client Pinterest accounts. To make my point I decided to illustrate it with a subject he could relate to: wine.

Before I offend any wine connoisseurs, let’s get one thing straight: we know nothing about wine. Sure, we know there are red wines and white wines, some have bubbles, some are sweet and some are dry – but that’s where our knowledge of wine ends. The only thing we are sure of, is that food always tastes better when paired with a glass of wine.

Now, let me tell you about what this has to do with Pinterest marketing.

Quality Images Move People To Action

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Why does my pharmacy need a blog? I'm a busy pharmacist!

Why Do I Have to Blog for my Pharmacy?

“I just want to start utilizing social media to promote my business. Why are you telling me I need to blog, too?” — Sincerely, Your Neighborhood Pharmacist.

We understand. Not everyone is a writer, and blogging does take a considerable amount of time and/or money, one or both of which might be in short supply! Then there’s the matter of what you should write about (do people really want to read about the latest prescription drugs? vaccinations? studies?). No wonder people want to skip right to the seemingly simple process of posting on social media and watching the customers beat down the doors! But trust me, it’s worth it.

Blogging Brings More Visitors to your Website

Companies with active blogs have 55% more website visitors than those not blogging (HubSpot).  Why would that be? Search engines love good, fresh content. Use the right keywords and target the right buyers, and you will see your search engine rankings improve over time without having to shell out thousands every month for Adwords or other PPC. Your outstanding content may …

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Blogging ROI - Five Metrics to Watch and Five Adjustments to Make

Measure and Improve the ROI of Your Business Blog in Five Easy Moves

Who should read this: Business bloggers or business owners investing in blogging who are not sure it is worth the investment, anyone who wants better results from their blogging, or anyone considering blogging but wondering if there is any way to know if it is producing the ROI they expect.

You’ve embraced blogging and are doing a great job writing quality content on a regular basis. You’re starting to generate some more traffic and even a few leads, but you’re still not sure if it’s worth all the time, effort, and money you’re spending. If you need some help figuring out what to measure and how to improve the numbers you see, you’ve come to the right place.

Measuring your business blog is a great way to identify ways to improve its performance. If the primary goal of your business blog is to generate leads, for example, you’ll want to gauge how well it’s generating leads today and discover which articles and specific tactics are particularly working toward achieving that goal.

Once you can identify the key factors that make …

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don't make these blogger mistakes

Facebook – Five Mistakes Bloggers Make

Everyone knows the importance of using Facebook to help promote blogs. But when you are first starting out, it’s good to be aware of some potentially damaging mistakes BEFORE you make them.

Not Setting Up a Facebook Business Page for Your Blog

If you have a business blog and you wish to promote it on Facebook, you must have a Facebook Page dedicated to it.  Using a personal profile for your business can cause you to get shut down.

Facebook pages also give you added functionality. Use them to create special landing pages and promote freebies and contests when you use third-party apps (only available for pages). Pages also have access to insights (analytics) not available to personal profiles. If you have been using your personal profile mainly for your business, you can convert it to a page, which allows you to keep your “friends” as “likes”.

Not Sharing the Content of Others

Many beginner bloggers post Facebook status updates …

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Social Media Content – Why Quality Matters

Some say “content is king” when marketing your business. We say QUALITY content is king. Whether you’re blogging, updating a status, or tweeting for your business – what you share matters. So often when people don’t get the engagement they want from social media marketing, the problem lies with their quality of their content.

Just like most things in life, much of your social media marketing ROI is dependent on what you put into it. In this case, we mean the quality and consistency of the content used in particular. Here are a few areas every business owner should evaluate from time to time to keep quality in their content.

Tips to Evaluate Your Social Content

Is Your Content Consistent? This is a big one. Higher engagement results when fans can depend on your content. You should post to social media platforms at least once a day. In fact, many companies find improved benefit in posting multiple times a day. This will help establish your company’s presence and credibility. Insider Time-Saver Tip: Use Buffer or

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Gavel - Could using images on social accounts get you sued

Could Using Images on Social Media Get You Sued?

Question: Is a picture worth _______

a thousand words, or a thousand dollar lawsuit?

Answer? It depends!

With the ever expanding use of images in social media, the reality is that many people and businesses are putting themselves at the risk of being cited for copyright violations. Bloggers, Pinterest users, and Facebook users are at risk. In fact, most of you have already used a copyrighted image.  Think that statement seems over the top? It’s not.

I want to share a story that sent chills up my spine. It behooves all social media users to read this blog post – it could spare you the stress and expense of being involved in a lawsuit.

Blogger Sued for Using Photos

Roni Loren is a published writer. She’s the National Bestselling Author of The Loving on the Edge and blogger for Blog Her. That being the case, you may assume that Roni is familiar with copyright regulations. You’d be correct, but that wasn’t enough to stop the lawsuit.

Roni explains, “Like most …

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Is this blog comment real or spam?

How do I Know if this Comment is Spam?

Isn’t it great when, after months of faithful blogging, you finally get your first reader comment?  If you use WordPress, you got an email message telling you you got a “New comment on your post…”

But, then you look at the sender’s name. And it’s gibberish, it’s obscene, or it’s something like a recent favorite of mine, “beats by dr dre cheap”. Sigh.  It’s blog comment spam.

Or, maybe it’s a person’s name, and you are feeling hopeful.  Then you read the body of the comment and it’s, “Hі therе wοuld уou minԁ letting me knoω whіch ωeb hοѕt yοu’re working with? I’ve loаԁed уour blog іn 3 dіfferent intеrnet bгowsers anԁ I muѕt ѕау this blog loads a lot quіcker then most. Сan you suggest a goοd web hoѕtіng pгoviԁer at a faіг priсe? Kudos, I аppreciate it!” or, it’s full of grammatical and spelling issues.

Some are even trickier – they try to flatter you, by telling you how great your blog is, or they ask your advice about hosting …

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How to Write the Perfect Blog Post

Nothing is perfect, you say?  Well, maybe not, but your blog posts can be awfully close! Before you write anything, make sure you have a good topic.  We’ve written extensively on how to find great blog topics. Ready to write? Let’s go!

Do Your Research

Not with a view to using other people’s content, but to gather facts and ideas.  You’ll cite those in your article or as “related articles” at the end of your post, so keep track of them. Make sure that any statistics you use are recent. Check your keyword list and choose one or two you’ll feature (Don’t have a keyword list? We can help.)

Create a Powerful Blog Post Title

Use your keywords, but naturally. Will it draw in the casual browser? Don’t be afraid to be a bit provocative. Avoid using a confusing or irrelevant title. You may attract attention, but not of the right variety! “How to…” and “Ten Ways to…” “Why You …

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