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The Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Social Media Influencer

Generating genuine social media influence is easier than you think.  Social Media and Blogging can be a very loud world on the internet. We all have a message and we all want to help others, but how are we going to be noticed?  How can we be heard? What is going to make us stand out from the crowd?

Hope you weren’t expecting a big secret or any magical short cuts to the “How do we get noticed?” problem.  GENUINE INFLUENCE and doing the work is going to make the difference in your online game.  Speaking to the entire world isn’t quite as effective as speaking to a more specific audience that is searching for your type of services, message, or information.  Genuine influence is a long game but also the only successful one if you want to build loyalty of brand, trust with clients, and lasting relationships.  All of this comes with influence and being relate-able.

What is Influence?

It’s simply that you do something, say something, post something, or ARE something that inspires someone else to take an action. A great …

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How Can #Twitter Make Money For My Business?

Twitternomics – How Can Twitter Make Money for my Business?

Can Twitter really make money for your business? This one is similar to the biggest question my late father had about my work, “People PAY you to Tweet?” Haha. Yes, Dad, they do – but it’s not that simple. I was happy to have the chance to show him why businesses do pay for help with Twitter – effectively using Twitter really CAN make money for your business!

The strategies and techniques for building a business with Twitter are similar to general suggestions on how to monetize social media, but the potential benefits, mindset and mechanics of each platform differ somewhat. So, how do Tweets, Retweets, Mentions and Follows turn in to increased business profits?

Twitter Generates Targeted Website Traffic

Sharing your blog post links with relevant and intriguing updates brings to your site people who want to know about your products, services, or information.

Pro Tip: Have your followers help spread the word for more visitors. Using hashtags increases the chances of a Retweet by …

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How Can I Monetize Social Media? Six Ways #socialmedia increases sales.

How Do I Monetize Social Media? Six Ways Social Media Increases Sales

“How do I monetize social media?” That was one of the questions submitted when we asked our Facebook fans about commonly-asked online marketing questions. Engagement and growing fan counts are all very nice, but if it doesn’t lead to a better bottom line, is it worth the effort? Perhaps you’ve wondered yourself – is there a way to make money from social media?

How Does Utilizing Social Media Lead to Increased Business Profits?

It doesn’t automatically, but you knew that. In fact, if your business is not ready for social media, your efforts could actually backfire.  With an investment in time and a commitment to ongoing quality, however, you can expect to see any or all of these six profit-boosting benefits. Note that with one exception, these benefits don’t form a straight line to increased sales. But the path from awareness to new customer is rarely a straight line, anyway.

1. Social Media Increases Exposure and Builds Brands

It’s not rocket science. Being on …

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Giving leads to happiness in business, too. Here's how... #InboundMarketing

Giving Leads to Happiness in Business, Too!

When searching for images portraying “business giving” I was amazed by what I saw. No actual giving – only selling! This so well illustrates the challenge businesses face and explains the resistance many have to “give to get marketing”.

It seems completely counter-intuitive to give away what you have worked so hard to acquire – yet it is what people have come to expect. And if you don’t give it to them, someone else will. So, instead of a dry business image with an exchange of money for goods, I settled on a hunky guy holding a gift. Isn’t that more appealing, anyway? Let’s see how we call all be that hunky guy who is making somebody’s day with his thoughtfulness (good looks 100% optional!).

“Give to Get,” “Youtility,” “Inbound Marketing,” “Content Marketing” – all different words to describe the same thing – marketing that is so great that people would pay for it. So, why not make them pay for it? Isn’t it counter productive to give away your hard-earned knowledge when what you …

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Five signs it's time to hire an inbound marketing agency. #Inbound #Marketing

Hiring a Marketing Agency – Five Signs It’s Time!

For years, you and your staff have been creating ads, sending a few emails, maybe even blogging sporadically and posting on Facebook from time to time.  All this, while building your business from startup to profitability. At some point, however, most business owners wonder – when is it time to call in the reinforcements by hiring a marketing agency?

It’s not a sign you’ve failed – it’s really a sign that your business has progressed to the point that you are ready to benefit from some quality marketing assistance. Here are some reasons you might consider hiring outside help:

1. Your Inbound Marketing is Inconsistent

Ever find yourself blogging every day for two weeks and then taking a month off? Updating your company’s Facebook status 15 times in one day and then failing to respond to fan comments? Effective inbound marketing requires consistency and dedication. If you and your staff don’t have the time or skills to keep it up, consider hiring someone to help.

2. Your Marketing …

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Social media impacts customer purchases

Social Media Not Giving You the Return on Investment You Expected?

So, it’s a couple of months in with your new online marketing agency, and you’re not so sure about this social media “thing.” You’re looking at a report with fancy graphs and numbers, and terms that mean absolutely nothing to you. What are you paying for, anyway? Is it even POSSIBLE to determine the ROI of social media?

It sure is. Without going in to what the numbers mean and how to improve them, let’s look at some questions you might ask regarding possible reasons  you’re not seeing the return you expected from social media.

Is it Too Soon?

Has it been less than six months since you started? Give it time. As long as you are seeing some action, keep it up. Don’t become a person who says, “I tried it and it didn’t work!” without giving it a chance.

Are You Expecting Too Much?

I know, it sounds like a cop-out, but, perhaps because social media has been touted by some “experts” as a sort of …

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Six signs you're not ready for #inboundmarketing

Inbound Marketing and Social Media Outsourcing – Six Signs That You’re Not Ready

Inbound marketing works, but some businesses looking to hire an agency to help them are better off sticking to traditional marketing – for now. Yours might be one of them if:

You’re Not Ready for Prime Time

If you’re not proud of your product, service or customer service – stop! Inbound marketing (and social media in particular) will magnify your shortcomings.

Need a case in point? Amy’s Baking Company in Scottsdale, Arizona had a very public meltdown starting on the reality show Kitchen Nightmares and continued in train wreck fashion on Facebook.

As one clever Facebook user advised, “I think you guys need to recognize that Facebook isn’t really a good channel for you.” Get your house in order and then embrace inbound.

You Don’t Know What You Want

“More sales” is not a complete goal. When you start talking to an inbound marketing agency, you will be asked questions such as:

Who is your ideal …

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Complete your #Pinterest profile

Pinterest – Is Your Business Profile Sending The Right Message?

I’m on Pinterest and I’m looking for you. I want to engage with businesses like yours – repin your pins, like them, comment on them, or maybe invite you to my group board. So, I search – maybe by category, maybe using the search box.

Today I looked for “outdoors” and clicked on the first pin that interested me. I went to see who pinned it and got this:

Granted, this is likely a personal account, not a business account, but countless business accounts similarly pass up on the opportunity to tell the world a little about them and give us all a chance to find them other places online. The message this profile sends is, “I don’t care if you know who I am or what I’m about.” Probably not the one YOU want to send!

Start with Your Profile Image

Unless you sell pushpins, the default image is not good enough for you.  Choose something that looks good even when it is only 165×165 pixels. …

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outsource inbound marketing set it and forget it?

Outsourcing Social Media & Inbound Marketing – Don’t Expect to “Set it and Forget it”

If you’re considering outsourcing your company’s social media, you probably have a lot of questions. If you are already working with an inbound marketing company, you may be wondering how to get more out of the relationship.

We’ve worked with many small businesses, and have learned a thing or two about outsourcing relationships that work – and those that don’t. The best predictor for success or failure is a company’s commitment to keeping us in the loop.

We really want to be an extension of your business – a partner with all your departments. No doubt your agency does, too. Here’s how you can do your part. Step one is realizing that an effective inbound marketing outsourcing partnership is just that – a partnership.

“I’m thinking about outsourcing my company’s social media – does that mean I won’t have to do anything at all?”

Oh, wouldn’t that be nice? However, social media for your business is for YOUR business, so no agency, no matter how good they are, can do it well without you. The agency or individual responsible will …

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Pinterest Tags Not Working Printscreen

Pinterest Tags Not Working? Notifications, Either?

Perhaps you have noticed that when you try to tag someone on Pinterest, it doesn’t always work. You may also have noticed that you aren’t always notified when someone tags (mentions) you in a pin.

This makes “pin it to win it” contests particularly tricky, requiring entrants to also either fill out an entry form or email you to let you know where their pin is.

The strangest glitch I’ve seen is if I repin a pin that mentions me, it changes the mention to tag a different user! Poor guy must wonder what that is about!

So, I emailed support, not really expecting an answer, but here’s what I got:

“I’m so sorry you’re having this problem! This is definitely our fault – we’re working hard to figure out what’s going on and hope to have tagging fixed soon.

In regard to notifications, they may not be entirely comprehensive at this point. We’re working on improving them, but some notifications might fall through the crack right now,

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