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The Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Social Media Influencer

Generating genuine social media influence is easier than you think.  Social Media and Blogging can be a very loud world on the internet. We all have a message and we all want to help others, but how are we going to be noticed?  How can we be heard? What is going to make us stand out from the crowd?

Hope you weren’t expecting a big secret or any magical short cuts to the “How do we get noticed?” problem.  GENUINE INFLUENCE and doing the work is going to make the difference in your online game.  Speaking to the entire world isn’t quite as effective as speaking to a more specific audience that is searching for your type of services, message, or information.  Genuine influence is a long game but also the only successful one if you want to build loyalty of brand, trust with clients, and lasting relationships.  All of this comes with influence and being relate-able.

What is Influence?

It’s simply that you do something, say something, post something, or ARE something that inspires someone else to take an action. A great …

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Thumbs up - Why Your Brand Still Needs a Facebook Page

Why Your Brand Still Needs a Facebook Page – Seriously

There’s been a lot of debate surrounding the value of Facebook business pages lately. Many of the talking heads would have you believe that Facebook is a waste of time. Why?  Reach is down, and “everyone is leaving”.  You’ll get no arguments here about decreasing reach, but this first-hand account might be enough to convince you that, for many businesses, there is still value in a Facebook page.

Why Your Brand Still Needs Facebook – Lyn’s Story

Everyone loves a story, right? So let me tell you something that happened just last week to a friend of mine – it illustrates why Facebook is still a good fit for many businesses.

My friend Lyn, a nurse at the local NICU,  has a love of  needles – not work related, she’s a knitter. A couple of years ago, Lyn offered to make for me some of the many props I was buying for my small photography business, just to be nice. Here she was making all these great props for me, saving me lots of money, and often she wouldn’t even …

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How Can I Monetize Social Media? Six Ways #socialmedia increases sales.

How Do I Monetize Social Media? Six Ways Social Media Increases Sales

“How do I monetize social media?” That was one of the questions submitted when we asked our Facebook fans about commonly-asked online marketing questions. Engagement and growing fan counts are all very nice, but if it doesn’t lead to a better bottom line, is it worth the effort? Perhaps you’ve wondered yourself – is there a way to make money from social media?

How Does Utilizing Social Media Lead to Increased Business Profits?

It doesn’t automatically, but you knew that. In fact, if your business is not ready for social media, your efforts could actually backfire.  With an investment in time and a commitment to ongoing quality, however, you can expect to see any or all of these six profit-boosting benefits. Note that with one exception, these benefits don’t form a straight line to increased sales. But the path from awareness to new customer is rarely a straight line, anyway.

1. Social Media Increases Exposure and Builds Brands

It’s not rocket science. Being on …

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Online marketing - how to get more for less. Eight tips.

Online Marketing – Eight Ways to Spend Less and Get More

So, your online marketing is working, but times are tough, and you need to cut back. Or, maybe it’s time for an audit and you know your budget is going to be questioned. And really, everyone loves to save money. When push comes to shove, can you really get more for less when it comes to online marketing? Maybe.

Get Better at PPC

Spending a fortune on Google AdWords or Facebook advertising? It’s easy to do! Did you know you can dramatically cut your costs by simply learning how to create better Google AdWords ads and ad groups? It’s true! Google uses a “relevance” score to determine how much to charge you. Either spend some time learning about AdWords and Facebook ads, or hire someone to set it up for you. A moderate investment now can save you a lot in the future.

Create Better Landing Pages

It costs just as much to create a crummy landing page as an inspiring one, but a good landing page will make the most of your PPC traffic AND your …

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Why does my pharmacy need a blog? I'm a busy pharmacist!

Why Do I Have to Blog for my Pharmacy?

“I just want to start utilizing social media to promote my business. Why are you telling me I need to blog, too?” — Sincerely, Your Neighborhood Pharmacist.

We understand. Not everyone is a writer, and blogging does take a considerable amount of time and/or money, one or both of which might be in short supply! Then there’s the matter of what you should write about (do people really want to read about the latest prescription drugs? vaccinations? studies?). No wonder people want to skip right to the seemingly simple process of posting on social media and watching the customers beat down the doors! But trust me, it’s worth it.

Blogging Brings More Visitors to your Website

Companies with active blogs have 55% more website visitors than those not blogging (HubSpot).  Why would that be? Search engines love good, fresh content. Use the right keywords and target the right buyers, and you will see your search engine rankings improve over time without having to shell out thousands every month for Adwords or other PPC. Your outstanding content may …

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Social media impacts customer purchases

Social Media Not Giving You the Return on Investment You Expected?

So, it’s a couple of months in with your new online marketing agency, and you’re not so sure about this social media “thing.” You’re looking at a report with fancy graphs and numbers, and terms that mean absolutely nothing to you. What are you paying for, anyway? Is it even POSSIBLE to determine the ROI of social media?

It sure is. Without going in to what the numbers mean and how to improve them, let’s look at some questions you might ask regarding possible reasons  you’re not seeing the return you expected from social media.

Is it Too Soon?

Has it been less than six months since you started? Give it time. As long as you are seeing some action, keep it up. Don’t become a person who says, “I tried it and it didn’t work!” without giving it a chance.

Are You Expecting Too Much?

I know, it sounds like a cop-out, but, perhaps because social media has been touted by some “experts” as a sort of …

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Keyword Research - Why it's worth your time

Why Should I Do Keyword Research?

How did you find this article today? Unless you saw it on a social network, chances are, you entered a keyword search like, “Why should I do keyword research?” into Google.  You’re in good company. Google estimates that last year, there were an average of five BILLION daily web searches on its search engine alone. How can you take advantage of at least a fraction of those searches to get people to YOUR website or social media profiles?

You need good quality content, you need to share it on social platforms, and you need to make sure you use the correct keywords when doing so. Rather than just guessing which keywords will work well for your business, take a couple of hours to make sure you’re targeting the right ones. This will help you:

Save money on GoogleAdWords and Facebook advertising. Get more visitors to your website from Facebook, Google Plus, Pinterest and more.

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How New Facebook Contest Rules Could Damage Your Page

Facebook’s New Contest Rules – How Taking Advantage of Them Could Hurt Your Page

This week, Facebook relaxed their contest rules. Page owners are now allowed to encourage people to ask for likes and comments on their updates as contest entries.  Non-techie page admins everywhere rejoiced, or didn’t notice – lots were running illegal contests, anyway! Oh, and not to pick on the little guys – even well-known brands have been seen getting away with this. So, isn’t it great that running contest is now really simple on Facebook? Um, maybe not.

Is this a Trap?

Last week, Facebook announced a small change to the EdgeRank Algorithm. That’s geek-speak for the formula they use to decide how likely it is that your fans will see your content.

They are looking to reward pages that post high quality content (hooray!). Since then, blog posts claiming “Facebook to punish pages that ask for ‘likes and shares’ and those that just post memes” have been popping up all over. Social media professionals rejoiced – finally, no more gaming the system with cheap tricks, disingenuous begging …

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Facebook relaxes contest rules - they've turned everything as upside down as our bulldog!

Facebook Contest Rules Changed – Why You Should Care

Though many page administrators seemed unaware of it, until yesterday it was against the rules to run a Facebook promotion wherein the entrants sent a message to the page or liked or commented on an update to enter a contest or giveaway. Then, Facebook surprised us all and gave permission for people to do what they were already doing – run promotions without a third-party app.

What is Still Against the Rules

Requiring people to share an update on their own timelines is still against the rules. I know, pages do it anyway – but there have been cases where Facebook has shut down pages for this infraction. Running promotions on a personal profile is also prohibited.

A Brand New “No-No”

Page administrators can no longer tag or encourage people from tagging themselves on an update in which they are not actually pictured. So, if you post a photo of a new dish at your restaurant and ask people to tag themselves to enter to win, this is against the rules. If, however, you upload a photo including a crowd …

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Improve the #ROI on your #PPC

Improve Your Paid Search Marketing ROI in Five Steps

Paid search is a great way to get visitors to your website NOW. No need to wait months for the search engines to pick up your website and blog posts – just pay, and your listing shows up! When you use Google AdWords, LinkedIn ads or Facebook ads, you’re spending money on each click you generate, so you need to know how much you’re spending to acquire each visitor and each lead, as well as how much of a profit you’re making on that adspend.

You can get some very specific tips on improving the ROI of your paid marketing from our blog.

1. Click-Through Rate (CTR)

The percentage of the audience that viewed your ad and actually clicked on the link provided, calculated by dividing total clicks by the number of impressions.

What to Look For

As you become more skilled with paid search, your CTR will go up.

How to Improve Your Click-Through Rate

Monitoring your CTRs over time will help you determine the quality and effectiveness of your ad. If you want to improve CTRs for …

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