Quality Pinterest Images Made Easy

Quality Pinterest Images Made Easy

Pop quiz! What do Pinterest, quality images, and wine have in common? Still guessing? Let me explain.

What’s Wine Got to do With It?

My husband is a smart guy, but when I talk about social media, I might as well be speaking gibberish. This is only appropriate since he’s a social media virgin (gasp!).

About a month ago, I was trying to explain why so much of my job is tied up in creating quality images for client Pinterest accounts. To make my point I decided to illustrate it with a subject he could relate to: wine.

Before I offend any wine connoisseurs, let’s get one thing straight: we know nothing about wine. Sure, we know there are red wines and white wines, some have bubbles, some are sweet and some are dry – but that’s where our knowledge of wine ends. The only thing we are sure of, is that food always tastes better when paired with a glass of wine.

Now, let me tell you about what this has to do with Pinterest marketing.

Quality Images Move People To Action

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Gavel - Could using images on social accounts get you sued

Could Using Images on Social Media Get You Sued?

Question: Is a picture worth _______

a thousand words, or a thousand dollar lawsuit?

Answer? It depends!

With the ever expanding use of images in social media, the reality is that many people and businesses are putting themselves at the risk of being cited for copyright violations. Bloggers, Pinterest users, and Facebook users are at risk. In fact, most of you have already used a copyrighted image.  Think that statement seems over the top? It’s not.

I want to share a story that sent chills up my spine. It behooves all social media users to read this blog post – it could spare you the stress and expense of being involved in a lawsuit.

Blogger Sued for Using Photos

Roni Loren is a published writer. She’s the National Bestselling Author of The Loving on the Edge and blogger for Blog Her. That being the case, you may assume that Roni is familiar with copyright regulations. You’d be correct, but that wasn’t enough to stop the lawsuit.

Roni explains, “Like most …

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