The LinkedIn & Twitter Breakup – Who Benefits?

On July 2, 1012, after nearly three years of partnership, LinkedIn and Twitter parted ways – for the most part.  In the past, users could send all Tweets to LinkedIn as updates – but no more!  Strangely, Twitter will still publish your LinkedIn updates of you want.  Well, maybe it’s not so strange when you consider the perceived motivation for the switch.

Unlike some other social networks (LinkedIn will still allow their updates to auto-post to Twitter), Twitter seems determined to make users come right to its own platform.  Why?  It’s about the money, of course – and more specifically about their goal to have $1 Billion in revenue by 2014.

So, what’s a business to do?

If you use a service such as HootSuite, you can add your LinkedIn profile AND company page and then easily schedule updates.  Or, you can visit LinkedIn and update your personal an company account status manually. You may find this method encourages you to interact more frequently with your contacts on LinkedIn, which …

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