Time to do some #Pinterest Housekeeping?

Pinterest Boards – Time for Some Housekeeping?

Your business’ Pinterest profile is complete and you’ve started pinning, repinning and commenting. You’re probably seeing new followers and repins every day.

If you’re like me (a free-spirited pinner), you may find yourself creating new boards on-the-fly, or as-you-pin.  While this is very convenient, it can leave you with a board with no description, no keywords and no category. The horror!

True Pinterest Confessions

In preparation for this post, I did a quick review of our Pinterest boards and found more than one without a description or category. It’s just so easy to get caught up in pinning and forget to go back and organize, but we must!

Why You Need Pinterest Board Descriptions and Categories

Ever browsed by category? You need to assign one before your pins and boards show up. Want to build SEO and get more traffic to your boards, pins and site? You need keywords in your board descriptions and names.

Plan for an Organized Pinterest Account

It’s really best to plan out what boards you would like …

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Pinterest Tags Not Working Printscreen

Pinterest Tags Not Working? Notifications, Either?

Perhaps you have noticed that when you try to tag someone on Pinterest, it doesn’t always work. You may also have noticed that you aren’t always notified when someone tags (mentions) you in a pin.

This makes “pin it to win it” contests particularly tricky, requiring entrants to also either fill out an entry form or email you to let you know where their pin is.

The strangest glitch I’ve seen is if I repin a pin that mentions me, it changes the mention to tag a different user! Poor guy must wonder what that is about!

So, I emailed support, not really expecting an answer, but here’s what I got:

“I’m so sorry you’re having this problem! This is definitely our fault – we’re working hard to figure out what’s going on and hope to have tagging fixed soon.

In regard to notifications, they may not be entirely comprehensive at this point. We’re working on improving them, but some notifications might fall through the crack right now,

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One Pinterest Manager’s Exclusive Insider Tips – Pinning for Profit

Sitting in the comfort of my home on a blustery day (I live in New England), with a cup of tea in hand, I often think what a sweet deal I have working for Scalable.  You may think I am talking about blogging and though I love to write, that’s not what I am referring to. I am talking pinning for profit.  Yup, that’s right folks, I get paid to work as a Community Manager for an Independent Pharmacy on Pinterest. Women everywhere between the ages of 25-34 are now green with envy!

When Alisa (partner here at Scalable), asked me to do a blog post spotlighting my weekly tasks managing Pinterest accounts.  I thought, no one is going to want to read an article entitled “A Day In the Life Of A Pinterest Community Manager.” It sounds very boring, but what I do – well, it isn’t boring at all. In fact pinning for profit may be the best job ever.

Is There Such a Thing As Pinning For Profit?

Believe it or not, Pinterest is right …

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How to Use Pinterest Group Boards To Get More Brand Exposure

Remember how hard your mom worked to teach you to share? Well, consider this your Pinterest sharing lecture of the day! It’s for your own good.

We manage the Pinterest account of a wonderful independent pharmacist.  He likes to be somewhat involved, so recently he asked why  “shared/group” boards are showing up on his account and what he should do with them.

What is a Group Board on Pinterest?

The Pinterest blog states “Group boards are a fun way to organize ideas with others.”  They highlight using group boards as a collaborative tool for throwing a dinner party or planning a trip. In fact, we know of a recent “Pinterest party” where the ideas for everything brought to and served at the party was originally found on Pinterest.

You might be wondering, “what does this mean for a small business owner?”

How Pinterest Group Boards Increase Exposure

The most successful companies on Pinterest know their success has as much to do with the exposure those pins receive as it does the content of the pins. You might have …

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Tracking Your Pinterest Growth – PinReach

Over the last few weeks we have covered all things Pinterest. From establishing its value as a business tool to discussing  what to pin, when to pin, secret pins and even what not to pin. Last week we  introduced a tool that saves you time (who doesn’t love that?), by using Viraltag to schedule your pins.

Now we want to show how you how to track your success using analytic tools specifically designed to measure your Pinfluence. A site that does just that is PinReach.

Why Do I Need to Track Results?

Using a tool like PinReach will help analyze pins that are flourishing and help you expose potential time wasters. Remember time is money –  you want your pins and boards producing at their maximum capabilities. Pinterest, like other social platforms, also requires commitment – and knowing that your work is paying off can provide the motivation you need to keep at it.

Getting Started with PinReach

Once you are signed up for your PinReach account, you will find yourself …

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Pinterest Time-Saver Tip: Viraltag

The most precious commodity of any small business owner is time.  While social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest have done wonders for exposure, brand awareness, and traffic; they also require massive amounts of time to maintain. Viraltag is a new site that can make a considerable difference in the time spent managing your Pinterest account.

What is Viraltag?

Viraltag, formerly known as Pingraphy, is a Pinterest management tool that allows you to schedule which pins to upload over time.

Why You Need Viraltag

For many small business owners, it can be a challenge to pin regularly. It’s easy to upload 20 pins at once because we suddenly found a window of opportunity to sit down in front of a computer for an hour. Unfortunately, barraging potential clients with an onslaught of pins in a short period of time will more than likely leave them feeling overwhelmed, and possibly a little annoyed. Research shows a more effective approach is a few pins, uploaded at strategic times, on a daily basis, will produce greater results.

Getting …

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Could Using Pinterest Get You Sued?

Well,  it depends! If you are only pinning images that you own, then there is no chance of you being successfully sued.  If you are pinning and repinning other’s images, then there is a possibility you could be subject to legal action, but a slim chance that any such suit would be successful.

I am not a lawyer – just a person trying to better understand the issues myself. This article is not intended to provide legal advice. Please consult your attorney.

Why Napster Was a Target – and Why Pinterest is Different

With Napster, musicians and producers could show actual harm and monetary damages brought about by the file sharing site, Napster.  With Pinterest, it is much more difficult to show financial loss from pins and repins.  In fact, with the right image credits and links, most graphic designers and photographers are happy to have their work shared on Pinterest!

Oh, and if you are wondering (as I did) why Pinning would be worse than sharing a link on Facebook, when you pin, Pinterest uploads a copy of the image, whereas …

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